Flying Colors Author Christopher Laney

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5 out of 5 stars!

"You can chase what weighs you down. Or you can find what lifts you up. You can't do both." - Kent

John is your typical salary man who's focused on his career and willing to give everything up for it! But a fateful encounter has him questioning his life and the new chapter that's about to unfold for him. He believed he knew exactly what he wanted out of life, but could he be wrong? Is there more out there? Can a mysterious flight instructor really help to change John's life?

"Don't guess. Know."

We get so caught up in the fast-paced lifestyle and making sure to check all the boxes for properly "adulting" that we forget to truly live. Boxing up all the "childish" things and the dreams we held onto dearly including the ones that made us feel like magic was real. The dreams that ignited our souls and had our very cores shaking with excitement all to fulfill society's idea for our lives. How should you adult? What does being "mature" actually look like?

John has a schedule for his weeks and his life. On the edge of a big promotion at work he's so focused on it that life is passing him by. But when an encounter with someone mysterious causes his world to shift John begins to slowly stop running on the rat wheel. Everything he knew is about to change as he starts noticing things he hadn't before. Remembering past memories and experiences that were long forgotten or so he thought.

"When it comes to learning how the world works for yourself, there are no deadlines."

This book is very inspiring and had me believing in magic again! Sorry, not the kind where wands and fireballs are involved. I enjoyed watching John's growth and how he began to realize there's more to life than clocking into a nine to five. Watching his journey to enlightenment and how something that works for someone else may not work the same for him. 

I was very surprised by this read and just the freedom of having options. Understanding that something you thought you wanted may not be what you actually need. And acknowledging that is a breath of fresh air. There are flashbacks as the MC navigates his past to understand his present and future. I appreciated a lot of the parallels and some of the finer details that I want to really go into but would contain major spoilers! Love the metaphysical aspects of the book and shifting one's perspective ever so slightly.

We only have a single POV with this read. There are mentions of past accidents resulting in deaths, but nothing is detailed out or gory. I didn't pick up on any language/curse words. Overall, this was a lighthearted read with a very happy ending!

The descriptions of flying where fantastic and I love that the author is a pilot himself! It makes me want to learn how to fly a plane, a small one, or to just be inside one. Seeing the world from a higher viewpoint and just being able to soar. John doesn't realize that he's signing up for more than just a flight instructor with Kent, the man having an unorthodox way of teaching.

Enjoy the inspirational read that will have you believing in magic and possibly taking that leap of faith! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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