The Syren's Mutiny: Book 1 Author Jessica S. Taylor

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"There was a certain satisfaction that came with the last breath of a dying man." - Brigid (First line of the book!)

After being cast into the sea many years ago as a human, Brigid's current home has revolved around her syren family. Not seeing anything wrong with the patterns and ways they follow until doubt leaks in. Questions arise but when Brigid faces the one hope and light from her past a choice must be made. Even if that means going against everything she stands for. Will it be worth it?

Caelum's no longer that weak boy held down under his father's cruel thumb. He's a man and one with a mission to carry out. Only things go wrong when his ship begins to sink, and he dives into the sea. Coming face to face with a new destiny and entanglement that he can't seem to talk himself out of. He needs help but can he really trust the help of a syren? 

"Maybe I'm too nice to be a syren." - Sorcha

Remember that feeling when you finally move out of your parents' house, your hometown, and into a new place? That moment of realization that you were in this small bubble and a bit sheltered? Brigid's having that moment on multiple occasions within this book! Understanding that not everything she had been told or taught was the truth. There's more to things and life on the surface than what was stated.

This book felt like Brigid's journey to redemption or seeking redemption for things she didn't fully understand. We all do things differently when we need to survive and live, but sometimes those old mentalities or old habits we need to let go of. Only can a syren truly be worthy of redemption?

I loved Brigid and her strong character, of course having moments of weakness and doubt. She's a fierce woman and knows it, but can you blame her when she's considered one of the most dangerous things of the ocean? The syren mindset is a rather hard and cold one and Brigid's learning it may not have to be like that all the time. Understanding life on the surface and getting closer to people she swore she would never be associated with again!

I really liked Brigid and Caelum's dynamic with one another especially his nickname for the syren! Brigid does not back down from Caelum's teasing, she dishes it right back to him. The two had me laughing on several occasions! I liked their energies and how they both struggled with getting close to each other. Even having to have sit down talks a few times within the book.

This book does contain MF teasing and hints of past FF experiences. Bisexual representation in this read along with mentions from the author that there will be other LGBTQ+ reps in these books. I will just warn you. . .this book is a slow burn with SO much heated tension! I was ready to kick one of the side characters down the stairs for daring to knock on the door! 

"You got some drool there, Captain." - Cameron

Cameron was one of my favorite characters along with so many others. Even a few that frustrated me, but I understood where they were coming from. I liked the different dynamics in the book along with the different acceptance levels on certain matters. It helped to give a uniqueness to the characters and depth. I also loved the overarching plotline of the story and how it twisted. I was able to predict some things but still enjoyed when the characters caught up.

We are dealing with syrens in this story, syrens who are like the old tales of how their song will drive a human mad. Not the sweet melody that will have you all gooey and doe eyed as you gleefully swan dive into the waters. Nope, the kind you run and cannonball into the depths from just to get peace. There's drowning in this book and detailed accounts of how it happens. There's also violence and blood, there was one scene that was a little gory but not horror level.

There is language in the book along with depictions of having anxiety. Some dark pasts and what some of the cast had to go through as they grew up. One being abused physically and mentally by a parental figure. There's also a part of the main plotline that may trigger some, read the TW/CW that the author has placed at the beginning of the story please. I will say nothing is detailed out and it's respectfully done. Information given and understood.

I really loved Jessica's statement about "soft-hearted puppy dog pirates". It's Caelum and his crew to a T honestly! We have close proximity, human x syren, forbidden romance, touch him and you die vibes, and so much more. I loved being able to have duo POV between Brigid and Caelum getting to see what's going on in their stubborn minds. Jessica also spoils us by giving us a playlist for the read, a map, and pronunciations guide for both characters and places!

The cliffhanger. . .was just rude. It was a very good cliffhanger! Yes, I am that odd ball that enjoys and appreciates a good cliffhanger. Being a big anime/manga fan cliffhangers don't get me as much in books but when they do, I thoroughly enjoy it. I was grinning when I read the last line and shaking my head. Stating "whelp, that was just mean." So yes! I am ready for the next part because I NEED to know!

I enjoyed this book and loved the journey within the pages. I liked how everyone's mindsets seem to have been changed or tested within this read. Interesting twists and turns with this book and I cannot wait for more.

Enjoy this read with that slow burn that will make you groan with frustration but enjoy seeing deadly syrens, a strong female lead, and so much more! Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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