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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This is the final book of the series! The books go in order and end on cliffhangers, if you do not want spoilers go check out the previous books!





“Our brains are powerful, and they will automatically try and shield us from traumatic memories… the very worst of it. The problem with that is that when any of it resurfaces it can be misinterpreted.”

Matt's finding out he's been three steps behind from the beginning as his investigation begins to crack wide open! Only as he gets closer to the answers the more dangerous this game becomes. More things are going down within the Wellness Center and as much as everyone wants to pretend everything is fine, it's not. The dam is about to be blown and the higher ups may not be able to stop it!

Eden feels as though she is getting closer to finding out what happened to her brother. The chaos only getting worse as more things begin to surface. Pieces of a giant puzzle clicking into place and realizations of things being present the whole time! Eden will find answers but at what cost? She wants a future! One hopefully including the special men she has allowed into her life. But will they make it out of this never-ending nightmare in one piece?!

"This summer has torn my entire life apart. Every day something happens, or I learn something that breaks my heart a little more." - Eden

This series has become such a precious one to me and one that is single handedly one of my top favorites! I got emotional when I opened to the first page because I was NOT ready to say goodbye to the characters yet. I cried a little when I read "the end". I am so grateful that the author reached out to me regarding the start of this series! It has been such a wonderful journey and I truly cannot wait for more by this author! This may be a little bit of a long review, apologies.

Tensions just keep rising for everyone within Eden's group! She's trying to take small steps with Keir even though it utterly breaks her heart knowing he doesn't remember. Just when she feels like her and her guys are moving forward something, or someone is causing them to take two steps back. Eden's also growing extremely tired of all the games/smoke and mirrors, she wants answers, and she wants them now! She's also still determined to find Embry, if he's even still alive. . .

Caleb and Keir come to a crossroads with the uncertainty of the Center's future. Keir's trying to sort through his memories, both past and present. Somethings not right but his mind is so scrambled at the moment he's afraid to trust it. Hutton is on to something and understanding his role in this big game of chess. He only hopes he can figure this all out in time. . . Not wanting to get close to Eden but also craving her at the same time!

Each of the guys have to face things in their own way, being stubborn as can be to top everything off. Relationships are forming and dynamics are being understood. Everyone's going through "growing pains" as they try and navigate through their new life. Futures are also being thought about and plans are being made, just hope it all comes true. The mystery is only thickening and it's very clear they shouldn't be solving things. . .

I absolutely LOVE the intrigue of this series and just all the mystery! How everything ties together and just wow! I was able to predict some things but was very surprised with others, even piecing things together as one or more of the MMCs did. Toward the ending of this book, I was on the edge of my seat because of how the stakes were raised and the "oh, no!" moments. Crossing my fingers that everything was going to play out with a happy ending otherwise I was going to send my therapy bill and tears to the author!

A big thing that had me hooked on this series as well was just the uniqueness of the characters and their individualities. Reading the previous books, you know that the guys aren't too thrilled with the idea of sharing Eden. Things are definitely strained, and I love the feel of authenticity of the relationships. Jealousy is something that's present and is worked on.

The psychology in this book is utterly fascinating and something else that really cemented my love. Dark pasts are coming to light and being told along with truths that are heartbreaking. There are things mentioned that were done in the name of science/unstable people that may be a little triggering for some. Insight into more of cult life and how things were operated. Past traumas, anxieties, nightmares, flashbacks, and more are present within the read. Heavy feelings of depression, violence, bloodshed, addictions and language. 

We still get multiple POVs and I thoroughly love and admire getting to read through everyone's individual perspective even if a couple of times you just want to shake the character! There's still some slow burn with some of the MCs but this book has a lot more yummy scenes! MF, MM, MFM, MMFM, and more are displayed in the book! 

I truly loved the HEA at the end and enjoyed how things were tied up. Check out the bonus scenes the author wrote for the characters, it's very much worth it! This series hit so many marks for me it's unreal and I think I may be suffering from a bit of a book hangover. Author spoils us with a recap of the previous three books at beginning and a playlist at the end of the book!

Enjoy the dark why choose romance with so much mystery, cat and mouse games, and psychological suspense! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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