The Siren of Samsara: Nemain's Revenge Book 2 Author McKenzie A. Hatton

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4 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This series goes in order and ends on cliffhangers! If you haven't read the first installment, go do that otherwise this review will contain spoilers!






"Perhaps you'd be wise to recognize the fox you let into your house of hens." - Phantom

Phantom walked back into a place he never thought he would venture back into. . .The Fortress. The establishment was the Prime Minister's castle and a location many viewed as a gilded prison. Phantom has to get Rose back, but he also treads a fine line, one mistake and an island full of people will suffer. The Minister took several things from Phantom both past and present. He hopes to someday return the favor tenfold. . .

As Phantom plays his part he catches onto schemes and plans that have him diving deeper into the true nature of Samsara. The underbelly of the people who rule over the island and its people. Not everything is as it seems as he struggles to maintain his hold on his monster, break Rose free, and find a certain beastie. Not to mention he needs to stay semi on the Minister's good side so the wretched man doesn't deploy his Navy. How did this all go so wrong so fast? 

"She is your end, and you are hers." - Sam

Places full of trauma and bad memories usually tend to keep us as far away from them as possible. Forgetting a hard past we had to deal with and try to survive from. Phantom wants nothing to do with the Fortress or anything about it. But he has to face more than just his past ghosts as he willingly ventures back inside. He has a mission, and the Minister practically has a gun to his head. Phantom also wants to get Rose back at any cost, she is something more to him.

Prisons and shackles come in many forms as Phantom begins to understand the inner workings of what's going on. Samsara's being poisoned from the inside out as major power heads mess with things for their own personal gain. Phantom has to try and hold up his end of the bargain in hopes to grant everyone freedom especially out from under the Minister's thumb.

On top of everything our loveable pirate who could be besties with Jack Sparrow, is having to face his inner beast. Memories from the past and people who helped instill those bad trauma filled memories are not helping anything. Old wounds and scars are popping up and Phantom doesn't have the luxury of jumping on his ship and leaving. He has to face a lot and is afraid he will ultimately break.

I loved how with this installment we are focusing more on the dynamic between Sebastain, Rose, and Phantom. Getting more insight into the backstory and why Phantom is the way he is. I was surprised by a few arcs shown in this book and how one character I didn't like soon became one that my heart bleeds for! Hoping they have a HEA at the end of this series because they deserve it!

We get to see how Sebastian and Phantom met and the banter between them is wonderful! I love how Rose and Phantom are having an enemies to lovers/push and pull relationship. Neither backing down from one another and both being able to stand their own ground. The banter and a couple of situations reminding me of "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement". Also, if you really loved that one musical scene from "Tangled" we get a version of that! I thoroughly enjoyed the detail and writing of that scene and how it all played out!

This is a dark romance with fantasy elements including magic, some of it being dark and using blood to help with spells. Phantom's past was hinted at with book one, but we really get to understand the gravity of things. Grooming is mentioned and done in more ways than one. . . A female predator who doesn't seem bothered by the fact she committed several accounts of SA justifying her actions even. Nothing is detailed out, but you understand what she did. Language, violence, bloodshed, mind control, physical punishments, death, bullying, and more. 

We get dual POVs as we primarily follow Phantom's POV in third person but there is another arc that was really amazing. Flashbacks are still present, and we get to see more into how some of the other Devils joined Phantom. I love that we get some very kickass FMCs who certainly are not damsels in distress! I appreciate the balance between the FMCs and the MMCs. We also have characters who are mute/deaf and have to use signing to communicate! 

Slow burn is a thing for this book because there's a lot going on and the two love interests are being stubborn. We get teasing and tension along with a yummy MF action scene! There is FF romance between two side characters but no full-on FF action. Just a very sweet arc that had me tearing up and cheering by the end!

The author spoils us with artwork at the beginning of the book along with a map and a pronunciation guide. This installment does end on a cliffhanger, and I am curious to see what happens next and if my theories are correct! 

Enjoy this dark fantasy with pirates, songbirds, and a knowledge of past lives! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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