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4.5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This is book two of the "BABYLOVE" series, so potential spoilers ahead! "SUGARSNAP" takes place after book one of the companion series, "ZOMBABE". 






"Why am I proposing? Where's my proposal?" - Frankie

"Do something to deserve one." - Ivy

A lot has happened between Ivy and Frankie since they confessed their feelings to one another and had a passionate first kiss! Not only have the two grown closer but the creepy town of Bulldeen has gone through some major changes as well. But keeping with good ole tradition, Ivy and Frankie ignore the weirdness.

Until some unnatural things begin to center around Frankie! Frankie thought her biggest concern was getting into Homecoming and sneaking a few dances with Ivy. She was gravely mistaken. . . Is it too much to ask to have one night of peace with your secret girlfriend?! And did anyone see Marvin sneaking about?

"That should be the Homecoming theme: Bulldeen is dying, let's shoot confetti cannons for the funeral." - Madeline

I was very excited to know that there was another book in the "BABYLOVE" series! I read the first book and really enjoyed the YA horror not to mention the sapphic romance! Belle even had artwork commissioned for the books and it's so stunning!

Frankie's tired of high school and the small-town life the only plus is Ivy. Only it's 2004 and the girls have to keep their relationship behind closed doors. . . Both wanting nothing more than to ditch the eerie town and be somewhere where they can walk out in public hand in hand. They just need to survive the rest of high school first.

Things seem to be going smoothly until Bulldeen and its dark magic strikes again. Frankie wants to ignore it, but things are only getting worse or maybe the town has finally driven her to insanity?! Ivy and Frankie may have to team up again against the odd powers of the town. Never mind having to keep an eye on Marvin who seems to still be obsessed with Ivy. . .

I love the relationship between the girls and their playful banter! Both influencing the other in little ways and it's just the cutest. They unfortunately have to be careful with what they do in public and how it may be perceived. But the two find ways to be together and even get in a couple of kisses! This is a YA so the most that happens is kissing and knocking of knees together.

I enjoyed the story and I love the horror of the book. This novella does contain language, violence, and bloodshed. Be mindful of the TWs. One of the MCs suffers from vivid hallucinations and battles nightmares. We do have teenagers being teenagers and drinking/smoking underage. A scene of a car swerving and almost getting into a wreck. There's gore in this series along with some dark matters. Single POV from Frankie's perspective in third person.

I was shocked that I teared up with one of the scenes in this book. I admired how a short YA read had me getting emotional! I have not been able to read "ZOMBABE" yet and there is mention of some of the things that take place in that book. Possible spoilers but we are just getting secondhand recounts/rumors of the story surrounding "The Dead Freaks". For a more enjoyable reading experience and understanding of everything read "ZOMBABE" first. 

The book did end with a cliffhanger, and I am curious to see how this will all play out for our girls! Enjoy the LGBTQ+ novella with horror and secret kisses! Don't forget to give the author some stars! SUGARSNAP: a spooky sapphic romance novella (BABYLOVE #2) eBook : Belle, I.S.: Kindle Store

SUGARSNAP: a dark sapphic romance novella (BABYLOVE #2) by I.S. Belle, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Book 1 Babylove: a dark sapphic romance novella (BABYLOVE #1): 9780473668327: Belle, I S: Books

BABYLOVE: a dark sapphic romance novella (BABYLOVE #1) by I.S. Belle, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (


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