Smash & Grab: RELIC #1 Author Maz Maddox

Audiobook Review

5 out of 5 stars!

Narrated by Kirt Graves!

"My mohawked savior. . ." - Simon

Simon lives a simple life hunched over ancient dinosaur bones in the basement of a museum. His happy place until in a bizarre twist of fate the cartel seems to want the artifact he is working on! To top it off the one who saves him, and his prized dinosaur artifact is a handsome man with a pink mohawk?!

Simon gets roped into an emergency road trip that is beyond anything he could have imagined. Dalton helps to bring out the fun in life while simultaneously avoiding some very dangerous men. Simon is questioning his life and his sexuality as they embark across country. Dalton taking the most scenic route possible and hitting all the tourist traps! Did anyone hear the sound of a real dinosaur?

"Simon. Pretty Simon." - Dalton

Four words! Kirt Graves AND Dinosaur Shifters! Okay, maybe I can't count but I mean that's all the information you need, right?! 

Simon reminded me of Ross from "Friends", only the BETTER version. Simon absolutely adores his work, and his life revolves around dinosaurs, I do not see the problem here. But when it comes to the dating scene many a date does not want to listen to in depth details about dig sites and dinosaur finds. Leaving Simon to go back to his basement office, his safe place but one that feels lonely at times.

Everything changes when an eventful night leads to him breaking rules he never thought he would! The straight and narrow isn't always what it's cracked up to be anyways. His savior does not fit the typical knight in shining armor bill at all but when the cartel is involved you go with it! Dalton sports a bubblegum pink mohawk, studs, and leather never mind the baseball bat. The two embark on a cross country road trip that may or may not define their futures.

I was laughing so much with this audiobook! Kirt Graves has become one of my favorite voice actors and I think it would be amazing to meet him one day! I had listened to another one of Maz Maddox's books and just fell in love with their writing style. The amount of comedy and just the banter between the main characters is phenomenal! I WILL be continuing this series!

I loved the road trip aspect and how Dalton doesn't care that the places he wants to visit are tourist traps. He knows they are but enjoys them anyways, helping to broaden Simon's world even if one of the places triggers Simon in a comical way. When the two bonded over real dinosaur information I was grinning like an idiot. Never settle for someone who isn't willing to at least sit down and listen to you info dump about your favorite thing! And if they vibe with you and even add to the conversation just marry them.

Though this book is very lighthearted and comically focused, there's some darker elements. Mention of the cartel and some of the things they do or have done. Language is a prominent thing along with violence and bloodshed. We have a hungry dinosaur shifter who needs to eat on the go. Depictions of hunting and eating animals of prey. No real gory details or anything. One scene of someone getting a piercing, a brief scene of an interrogation, and mention of torture techniques.

There was talk of evolution and some science stuff, which I enjoyed. I also liked listening about past events and things one of the MMCs had lived through. Enjoyed the chemistry building between the two MCs as they navigated through feelings. Dual POVs to help really see into what they were actually thinking. Simon having a bit of a sexual awakening as he got closer to Dalton. I mean they are in close proximity to one another, and some places only had one bed. . . We do get a very yummy and intimate MM action scene!

The book does end with an HEA for the main couple! The next book is about another member of the group Dalton works with. AGH! Another dinosaur shifter I am so excited! Plus, Kirt narrates the whole series which is another plus! The author did such an amazing job and I love all the details/research that went into this book. True dinosaurs being mentioned, facts about them, and depictions of them! 

Enjoy the comedy with a dinosaur shifter and a nerdy scientist! Don't forget to give the author some stars! Smash & Grab: RELIC #1 eBook : Maddox, Maz, Max, Raven: Kindle Store

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