Bitten by Surprise: A Paranormal Romance Author Lizzy Gayle

Book Review

4.5 out of 5 stars!

"My creation was a weapon, not a cure." - Char

Vampires are the root cause of two major events in Char's life. Only now she has to put her trust in the hands of a vampire! How did things come to this?!

Things go south the moment Char's lab is broken into! Her cure for vampirism is stolen along with something else very precious to her. When the serum resurfaces it's being used for evil instead of good. To get it back and get to the bottom of things she has to pair up with a vampire!? But as she gets closer to Julian, she finds herself questioning everything she knows about vampires. Has she been wrong all this time? 

"I find that sometimes the dark holds more wonders than the light allows us to see." - Julian

I really enjoyed this short read with action, comedy, and intrigue. Lizzy did a wonderful job bringing the characters to life and adding fun science into the paranormal world!

Char has a thing against vampires, a major past event contributing to why she resents them so much. But when another major event happens, and a vampire is the cause of it solidifying things for her. Only the one person who may be able to stop a mistake that is harming many innocent lives is none other than a vampire! Char doesn't want to admit it out loud, but she needs this vampire's help. Can she set her mistrust aside?

Julian needs Char's help with figuring out how to counteract the new weapon that's in the hands of a very powerful group. Wanting to get to the bottom of things while falling head over heels for Char. Having fallen first, Julian has to break through Char's walls and try to get her to trust him. The two have to work through some things as they solve a case!

I loved the pacing of this book and the tension between the two MCs. They are enemies to lovers but it's a soft enemies to lovers. Simply Char has some prejudices against Julian and his kind but knows she needs his help in finding what was lost to her! As she gets closer to Julian and begins to understand vampires and their nature, she begins doubting things. There are evil vampires out there but maybe she lumped them all together prematurely.

Prejudices are mentioned and extreme acts of caution are present. I loved Char's family and how sneaky her mom was. Her mom was a favorite of mine along with a certain shifter who had me laughing. I want him to have a book with an HEA or even a side arc of him getting an HEA! Char's family may or may not be overprotective and wanting to get a little too involved in her life. I enjoyed watching Char's arc and how she developed!

This book had a lot of comedy and romance along with intrigue and mystery. There's violence and bloodshed with this read vampires being one of the main races in the book. Language, scenes with panic attacks, mind-bending abilities, a brief scene with a car crash, and more. We do get a quick scene of someone attempting SA but it was stopped! Our MMC is possessive in the best way and definitely a touch her and die vibe.

We only get Char's POV in this read. I loved the buildup between the two main characters, and we do get a very heated and fast MF action scene. There's mention of past lives and some things our vampire had lived through. With a vampire lover we get a yummy scene with biting/feeding because it's just an unspoken rule that when you have a vampire lover you at least get one scene with that!

This book did end on a cliffhanger, and I am interested in seeing what happens next! I loved another one of the arcs that happened and want to see if the character will reappear in the next book! 

Enjoy the paranormal romance read with a scientist and a vampire! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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