Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Volume 1 Author/Artist Osamu Nishi

Manga Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"So, Iruma, my sweet boy! Won't you be my grandson?" - Sullivan

What's worse than being a perpetual pushover? Getting sold to a demon by your own parents!

Iruma has just landed himself in the Netherworld where he's surrounded by demons who would love to take a bite out of him if they knew he was human. Keeping that secret well-guarded is difficult as he's thrown into a school for demons! He must navigate through his new world and put his survival skills to good use hoping that they will be enough. Of course, having a doting-demon-grandpa never hurt anyone maybe it will give him a leg up?

"I'll be the one who decides if you're useless trash. . .or if you're going to be somewhat useful trash." - Kalego (one of my favorites!)

I was beyond excited when I saw this manga was available! I have seen the anime and completely fell in love with this story! From the outrageous characters and their bigger than life personalities to the plotline of the series! This has to be one of my top favorite anime/manga!

Iruma's parents get the medal for "worst parents of the century"! Everything's portrayed in a very comical way, but Iruma's parents take the cake. . . Because of his upbringing Iruma is a giant pushover and will do anything for anyone. He also has honed his skills in survival and some of his abilities are utterly hysterical! Iruma has to quickly adapt to his new surroundings or else he might just be someone's dinner.

As he tries to keep his presence hush-hush everyone and everything seems to have other plans for him. Just like most MCs who wish to slip between the cracks and be permanent wallflowers things never go their way. Iruma is faced with so many trials right off the gate and some of them are close calls! I love that Iruma has such a pure heart and causes others to see things a little differently than what they're used to. Iruma's a very loveable character and you just want to protect him!

I laughed so much with this manga and cannot wait for the next volume! The teachers at this school and Iruma's classmates are the best. There's even a character who would either be besties or rivals with Bakugo, the two being very similar to one another. This volume does end on a cliffhanger and if you do not wish to wait until the next installment comes out then this book ends on episode five-six of season one of the anime. 

This is a slice-of-life comedy manga with mention of darker elements, but everything is kept light. There is some language here and there but no major f bombs or a lot of curse words. Violence, slight gore, and bloodshed are shown but nothing is detailed out. Iruma does have to hear of things demons wish they could do to humans, namely eat them. A couple of panels depicting demons bullying other demons. A little bit of nudity but no fanservice or panels of really vulgar things.

I absolutely love the artwork in this manga! On the panels that are fully colored I enjoy the vibrant pallet the manga artist went with! In the anime you can really see everything come to life and how pretty all of it is. I also like how majority of the little shorts at end of the manga are added into the anime episodes. Really showcasing the different personalities of everyone. We also get notes about the manga, the artist, her team, and their workspace!

Enjoy the read as you laugh out loud and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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