Tsugumi Project: Tome 1 Author/Artist Ippatu

Manga Review

5 out of 5 stars!

Set to Release May 23, 2023

"If you distinguish yourselves during this mission. . .the nation promises to absolve you of your crimes."

Leon is forced to go on a suicide mission in hopes of gaining his freedom. He must venture forth to a large island once known as Japan. Over two hundred years since the nuclear war has left the landmass to mother nature and other things. There's a hidden weapon somewhere in the midst of the wilderness and it's a race against other nations to retrieve it!

Leon has been formerly trained but nothing could prepare him for what he finds. The man must adapt fast or fall victim to the creatures that thrive in old Japan. But what stands out to him the most is a girl who seems to be surviving in this environment and she's not fully human. A new species? Was she born here? Is she connected to the secret weapon? Leon dives further into the unknown.

"I never know what's around the next corner. . ."

First of all, the artwork! I was utterly blown away by the detail put into the artwork and just the beauty of it all! Japan has returned to nature after having undergone nuclear war and the panels depicting what's left of the cityscapes are stunning. I really loved how everything was depicted and the amount of effort the author put into the work.

Leon is an interesting man, and I loved the twists with his character just from this first installment of the series. He understands what he must do to get his freedom back even if he doesn't like it. Leon has a plan for how he can go about finding answers and clues to hopefully lead him to the weapon known as "TORATSUGUMI". 

Only as he's trying to survive, he finds himself in trouble and is saved by a child! One who is clearly only half human along with her terrifying partner. The girl and the beast keep an eye on the human but from a distance. Leon wants to understand more about her but small steps. He has to first get a grasp for his surroundings and secure the essentials. Along the way he discovers more oddities and wonders. 

Leon doesn't have the best time with the landing, there are panels depicting his POV in a plane crash. This manga is about survival in a post nuclear world along with being viewed as a prisoner. Military clearly utilizing the men as pawns in their mission to obtain a weapon. Bloodshed and violence are shown pretty quickly within the first few panels. Some language along with scenes of animals hunting other animals, fighting, and more.

I'm really interested to see where this story goes! We do get a cliffhanger and I want the next installment! I really loved that there was an author interview at the end of the book and getting to see how the author started out. Fascinating story and I really love the path the author took with their writing and art style! 

Enjoy the beautiful artwork and gritty story in this science fiction manga! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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