Phantom and Rook: Adventures in Levena Book 1 Author Aelina Isaacs

Audiobook Review

5 out of 5 stars!

Narrated by Kirt Graves

"The Game is almost upon Levena and I am filled with a giddiness that has nothing to do with my grandest scheme yet." - Thatch

Thatch's an immortal who enjoys coming to Levena when he isn't busy with other dimensional duties. Levena being a place he wishes he could call home but because of what he is he cannot. Making the most of his time he has created a Game, but shh no one knows he's the one behind it! Only this Game. . .this Game is going to be different, and the prize will be a wish granted!

Thatch doesn't know how special this week will really be until he crashes into the one person, he wishes would remember him the most! Arlo Rook. Never in all his years of living would Thatch have been able to predict the twists and turns the festival week is about to take. Being the last of your kind is harder than anyone can imagine and being what he is Thatch has to follow some painful rules. Is there such a thing as a happily ever after for Thatch Phantom?

"And maybe, just maybe, he'll remember me." - Thatch

I was able to read this book when it came out and then I heard an audiobook was being made. . ! Kirt Graves being the narrator for this amazing book! So of course, I had to snatch it up and I was NOT disappointed. I love how Kirt can go from an intimidating character to one who seems intimidate by everything. His voice was perfect for this read and helping to bring Arlo and Thatch to life! Honestly, want to listen to everything that Kirt narrates.

When I read this book, I was instantly bombarded with feelings of home. Then to be able to have this audiobook playing on a speaker as I just sat and listened was beyond phenomenal. I usually do not sit still when I am listening to an audiobook, but I was so engrossed in the story and the voice of the narrator. Home. A very calming and peaceful feeling as I listened to this book being read to me for the first time. Audiobooks are a way for me to enjoy a book all over again like I had never read it before.

Now, this book is not a fluffy and peaceful read. This book is about two broken souls who believe they don't deserve happiness or love. Thatch has a side effect, and this may be a spoiler, but people forget him. Remembering him as one would a blurry dream. . . Causing him to throw up walls around his heart and to keep his distance from people and things he wishes he could be closer to.

Arlo, I could relate to Arlo more than I would like to admit. The male witch has had to deal with a lot in his short years of living, some choices were not the best. Struggling with mental illness and trying to find his place in the world again. He's surrounded by a group of wonderful friends but sometimes he feels like a stranger amongst them. Arlo wants to find his purpose in life and how he wants to pursue his future.

The two literally crash into each other and neither are ready for what's about to transpire! I absolutely loved listening to this scene and how things started. The chemistry between the two is amazing and they are definitely idiots to lovers. Both trying to keep the other at a distance for various reasons but not succeeding in the least! Dual POVs help to really showcase how the two guarded individuals are really feeling.

I loved listening to the others in Arlo's Misfits group! The different personalities and how they all somehow meshed together! Showcasing different backgrounds, races, sexualities, and so much more. I really want to know more about the character's and how they came about. Also, another one of my favorite characters would have to be Felix! There's a bit of an arc with him and the ending had me breaking down in tears of happiness! Kitt can also give me a tattoo any day of the week!

I really appreciated the take on immortality and some of the downsides of it, including a physical downside that's well written. This book does contain language, some violence, and past dealings with physical cruelty. The MCs both have a rough past that touches on some heavier material. Mention of mental health issues, attempted suicide, and scenes with panic attacks. The crew of mismatched characters like to enjoy recreational herbs and we get a closeup of getting a tattoo!

The romance is a slow burn! The two fools are trying to hold their grounds, but something keeps pulling them toward one another. We do get some yummy, passionate, and intimate scenes of MM action. I also really loved the romance between the two and how they got closer. Hurt/comfort is portrayed in this read.

I could go ON about this book! I want to pack my bags and leave for Levena ASAP! We do get a HEA but there are hints of more stories to come! This book includes so much, and I am completely hooked on Aelina Isaacs' work. If you get the eBook or the physical copy you'll be spoiled with a map, definitions of words, and a list of the different races you can find within Levena. Amazing world building presented in this read.

Do enjoy the fantasy whether you read it with your eyes or listen to it! Don't forget to give the author some stars! Phantom and Rook: Adventures in Levena, Book 1 (Audible Audio Edition): Aelina Isaacs, Kirt Graves, Aelina Isaacs: Audible Books & Originals

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