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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! Each book ends with a HEA for the couples, but there is an overarching plotline! A bigger picture happening in the background that has been building since book one!






“Welcome to France, Mason. Are you going to behave?”

Mason has been kidnapped! Our strong and silent bodyguard finds himself in the hands of those whom the Business have named murderers. Les Frères Perdus, The Lost Brothers, have struck again, only this time they took Mason back home with them alive. But for how long?! Mason finds himself surrounded by wealth, art, beauty, and cruelty. Being told he was "chosen" by the Initiator.

Mason refuses to succumb to the ways of the cult! He will fight until the very end but when he actually meets Gabriel things begin to change. Having only known a life of hardship and strife he finds himself questioning everything. Gabriel cannot figure out Mason, but he knows for a fact the man is his. The two struggle to understand one another as both of their worlds are shaking up a bit. Will Mason fall for Garbiel or play him so he can escape? 

“You’re a monster.” - Mason

“Maybe. But I’m not wrong, am I? We all live by the rules of our community, whichever one we’ve decided to join.” - Gabriel

When I read the first book of the series and was introduced to Mason, I was hoping my silent guy got his own book! I wasn't disappointed with this read! This installment is a little darker than the others even though the entire series is a dark mafia romance. With this book we get to understand the inner workings of the cult and how it came about!

Mason's living his life the best he can. Helping the only family member he has left as he tries to continue being of service for the Business' Inner Circle. But he feels as though his efforts are not enough and his days are numbered with the family. Everything changes when he finds himself caught by the sex cult who has been an issue for the Business and the Void for a while. He refuses to play submissive captive and fights with tooth and claw!

Gabriel has built a safe haven for those who have had to endure hardships and pasts that still haunt them. Only his castle has become his prison without him having realized it. But he has everything he needs within the mansion or so he thought. . . When the man he's been obsessing over from afar is placed before him everything changes! He cannot fully figure out Mason, but he can see the shy and timid man behind the wolfish front the bodyguard puts up.

I really loved getting to see into the cult and how it all came about. The psychology of it all and what brought about the methods the cult uses. As mentioned, multiple times within the TWs and the books themselves the cult is focused on use of hypnosis and hanging. With this installment we really get to understand how suggestive hypnosis is used and why they do it. I was enthralled by the writing and how the MCs experienced things.

What also fascinated me was the descriptions of everything. Different representations of the same mindsets and type of organizations. With the mafia you tend to have a dress code usually suits or higher-class apparel while also abiding by the rules your Boss has set for you. And if you break the rules or dare to betray your leader or brothers/sisters than you suffer a punishment. Depending on how bad your crime is you may not get another chance at anything. . . Mason catches on to the subtilty of things and the differences between the two worlds but still two sides of the same coin.

Both MMCs are broken and have personal issues they have to work through. Realizations they reach as they continue trying to uncrack one another. There's mentions of dark pasts and things the two had to endure to survive. Language is present in the book along with violence and bloodshed. We are dealing with the mafia whose business has branched into drugs. The cult doesn't want Mason to run away so they have to use some methods to ensure he doesn't.

This is a true enemies to lovers read! I mean can you blame Mason for lashing out? We get to enjoy dual POVs as the two navigate through their feelings for one another. Mason has never been with a man before and Gabriel's more than happy to teach him a thing or two. This is a sex cult, and the members are very touchy with one another. BFs who don't mind performing acts in front of others with their partners. MM action all over the place and spicy scenes!

The couple does get an HEA and I laughed a lot with the final scenes, you will have to read the book to understand! I was so happy with everything and am more than ready for the next couple! But I hear that the next installment is the final book of the series, and I will cry when I finish it. Lola's doing such a phenomenal job and I love her writing style. The depth of her characters and their growth throughout the book. I also love the building of the behind-the-scenes plot and am ready for the big climax! 

Enjoy the dark romance with close proximities and one bed trope! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Book 1

Shameless (The Undeniable Book 1) - Kindle edition by Malone, Lola. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Book 2

Fierce (The Undeniable Book 2) - Kindle edition by Malone, Lola . Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Book 3

Obsessed (The Undeniable Book 3) - Kindle edition by Malone, Lola. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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