Cutting Your Teeth: Cursed Corpses Book 1 Author Caylan MacRae

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"Come tomorrow, 'Ezra' wouldn't exist anymore." - Ezra

Being on the run keeps one constantly on the move and going through identities like Band-Aids. Only that way of "living" is getting old and tiresome. Ezra wants to be able to finally just settle down somewhere and be safe. Wishing to actually make possible lifelong connections and more, but he knows he cannot have such a fairytale. Not when his family is the way it is. . .

Everything changes during a fighting match within a bar. Meeting the mysterious and very attractive Killian sets off a series of events that Ezra could have never imagined! The supernatural world really does exist, and Ezra just so happens to be caught up in the middle of it all after Killian saves him. But their time together may be cut short as Ezra's family continues to hunt him down! There's also something sinister haunting Ezra and his bloodline that's growing tired of waiting. . .

"I'm a big girl. I'm not afraid of vampires." - Mari

This debut novel was fantastic! I am a sucker for vampires, especially when they are done correctly. I had been following the author on social media and was excited that I had time in my schedule to read! Was not disappointed by this book at all! Check out the author's socials because they have commissioned artwork done of their characters and they are very yummy! Sometime in the near future I need to get prints of the two MMCs!

Ezra survived a nightmare of a "family", but they refuse to let him just walk away. Being hunted keeps him on his toes and constantly moving around. Making sure to not get too close to anyone or set up roots anywhere. But one can only handle so much of that lifestyle before they break. Ezra's reaching his point but no where's safe for him and keeping people at a distance helps keep them clear of things.

All of that changes when he's matched with Killian! Ezra's instantly drawn to the man and cannot help the feelings of attraction as they build within him. Little does he know that Killian's not a human. . . His fate is sealed the moment Killian saves Ezra, having to make a snap decision. Ezra's stunned to discover a whole new world that had been right under his nose!

I absolutely loved the take on vampires and some of the things they can and cannot do. I also really appreciated all the science behind being a vampire! This may be a little bit of a spoiler, but the characters go into details as to why a vampire can bite into a major artery and the blood doesn't just spew out. There's also a vampire who's a scientist through and through who has answers for a lot of questions.

I enjoyed getting to read Ezra's arc as he stumbled around trying to understand what it meant to be a vampire. Along with him declaring he was tired of running. What it meant to truly settle down and make connections with people. Of course, our boy has a way to go because of the mistrust his family instilled into him. When you come from a physically or mentally abusive household it's hard to break the habits or recognize the ones that had been formed so you could survive. 

I loved all of the characters of this book! I wasn't able to predict a lot of outcomes which was a pleasant surprise. I was so caught up in the fast-paced story and a baby vampire learning how to be a vampire. There are so many intricacies of this narrative I thoroughly enjoyed! Two of my favorite characters would have to be Mari and Piper! You will have to read the book to understand why I love them so much!

This story deals with vampires so of course there's blood, fangs, and biting! Ezra isn't exactly a clean eater and things get everywhere. There's mention of past abuse and things the MC had to deal with as he grew up. Mental and physical abuse, manipulation, and feelings of anxiety and guilt. Language is present in the book along with fight scenes that have gore. This is a horror-based genre, but the scenes were not gut wrenching they were tastefully done and well written. One of the MMCs copes with things by drinking a lot, he also suffers from nightmares and feelings of someone always watching him. 

The romance in the book is a slow burn! Ezra's broken and believes that he isn't worthy of love or deserving of it. He's had to construct walls around his heart to protect himself and Ezra believes that even Killian, who has all the time in the world, wouldn't be patient enough with him. The most we get in this read is passionate kissing! I just want them both to be happy! The dual POVs helps to really showcase the mutual hesitation and pinning for one another!

This book ends with a cliffhanger of the gentler nature. There's clearly going to be more to the story, and I really cannot wait for the next book! So many unanswered questions and little subplots going on. The author did an amazing job, and I cannot wait to read more of their work. Love the writing style and the depth of the characters!

Enjoy the LGBTQ slow burn romance with vampires, werewolves, and found family! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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