Been There Dragon That: Soulmate Shifters in Mystery, Alaska Book 9 Author Krystal Shannan

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5 out of 5 stars!

"Sugar and caffeine. Legal drugs that make the world go round." - Rylee

Rylee was about to have it all, the ending and new beginning to her story until she had to end it all with some phone calls. Something had seemed off about her fiancĂ© but maybe that was just a case of cold feet. . . When Rylee finds him having "fun" with another woman it solidifies everything for her! Heartbroken she's trying to move on when a near fatal accident has her needing to take an emergency trip. 

Leaving the big city life for a small town all the way in Alaska. She hopes to relax and put some distance between things and avoid men! Only how can you do that when the men of Mystery, Alaska are mouthwatering, no, stay focused. Rylee tries to ignore the strong pull she has toward Wrath, it doesn't help that he keeps stating they are mates, and this is fate. Is fate even a real thing? Why does she feel safe with him? 

"I've never met a man that growled when he didn't get his way." - Rylee

Wrath moved to Mystery, Alaska in hopes of finding his mate, but his dragon's becoming impatient and Wrath's growing disheartened. All of that changes when Rylee comes rolling into the small town and both man and beast can barely contain their happiness! But it's a little tricky when your mate is human, and you are far from that. . . Somethings also off about Rylee and Wrath will get to the bottom of it, no one hurts his mate! Touch her and get barbequed vibes.

Rylee's had bad luck with men and her most recent catastrophe has left her not wanting to trust any man. She also doesn't trust herself to pick out a good partner and then there's Wrath. . . He's charming, protective, and respectful of her boundaries completely swoon worthy. Yet, he keeps going on about things that one would only find in fictional books. Rylee can also tell he's hiding something and others in the small town seem to be in on the secret as well. . .

I loved Rylee and how she's a strong and independent woman, but she's a little too concerned about everyone around her. Placing their reputations and wellbeing's above her own. . . She will slowly learn that she doesn't have to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders and there are people out there whom she can trust. Possibly a man who will never let her down or break her heart.

Wrath reminded me more of a big puppy dog than a dragon shifter! He's over the moon that his mate is finally present in his life. But is warned by other shifters to take things slowly with Rylee and be patient. Wrath has devoted everything to the future with his mate right down to not picking out furniture for his cabin. Sorry, if that is a spoiler but Wrath is just so focused on making sure his mate is happy and comfortable!

I enjoyed the chemistry between the two MCs and how they both had to deal with internal battles. How does one go about telling their significant other they can shift into a dragon? Rylee's also concerned that her fears and theories about her ex are true and doesn't know if she should open up about it, especially not to a complete stranger. This book does deal with an obsessive and crazy ex who isn't keen on the idea of letting Rylee go. . .

This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. Of course, if you read it in order, you will recognize some of the names and couples from previous books! I started with this book but want to read about the others from Mystery, Alaska. There was a hint to a little bit of an overarching storyline and vengeance being served. It didn't ruin anything for previous books only makes me more curious to read the beginning of the arc.

This book does contain language, fights, violence, bloodshed, a hit and run accident, and acts of manipulation. There's a couple of scenes with anxiety attacks and feelings of immense fear. An insane ex and some of the things he will do to get back what's his. . . The FMCs introduced in this read are fierce and loyal to their families and men. Loved this one fight scene where you got to understand just how intimidating they can be when pressed.

We get dual POVs which is becoming my favorite because we really get to see the internal struggles of the MCs and acts of pinning for one another. The guy definitely falls first with this read and has to hold himself back. Fated mates, little bit of a slow burn, close proximity, and one bed trope. We do get several MF action scenes in the read and it's very spicy. Our MMC likes to growl and purr a lot!

The couple gets a HEA but there are hints to more stories to come for Mystery, Alaska shifters! And this series is not just dragon shifters, there are other shifters roaming around the small town! Protecting their tribe and the town they reside in whether the residents are shifters or not. Cannot wait to read more of this series and go back and read previous installments!

Enjoy the shifter romance and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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