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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This series goes in order and ends on cliffhangers! Major spoilers ahead for the series if you haven't read the first two installments! This book is the closing arc for Adrienne and her men!







"Before the Oracle, I thought I wanted nothing more than to go home." - Adrienne

Adrienne, Brita, and Adrienne's men had to flee Knossos and leave behind unresolved matters. Realizing they need help in taking down Xenodice and her bottomless greed that has influenced dangerous decisions. Only will the Minas Thera listen to the group of them and help or turn them down? How will Kitanetos even begin speaking to his mother. . ?!

Adrienne has other matters to worry about as well. The prophecy pertaining to her and her men! Having to figure out the key points and riddles within what the Oracle told her. Power building inside of her and the knowledge that she isn't just simply a mortal. But can she unleash her abilities before it's too late? What path should she take? What should Adrienne focus on?

"Nothing says 'I'm a goddess' like a well-placed lightning bolt." - Nerites

I don't want this series to end! Delayed reading and reviewing because I really don't want to say goodbye to the characters within this book! This may be a spoiler, but this is not the last book of the series, just the last book with Adrienne and her men. They may appear in the future installments, but they won't be the focal point. But still! We don't have to say goodbye to the Minoan Bronze Age just yet!

Adrienne's realizing that she may belong in this era! Especially as she gets closer to the people around her and comes to know her men better and herself. Understanding the different dynamics of her men and what they bring to the table. I also really loved that she respected Jadi and Asterion's relationship and enjoyed watching how they cared for each other. Didn't try and demand that their attention should only be on her.

I really loved Adrienne's arc and how she had epiphany moments throughout this book. Understanding matters from her past and that she's so much stronger than she ever thought! Her growth and coming of age story while trying to navigate through an unknown world was phenomenal. Along with her ability to release what's no longer serving her so she can move forward!

Kitanetos was another major character arc I really enjoyed. He has had a very humbling journey throughout the books and because of it he's more down to earth and someone others can lean on! Losing everything really made him appreciate the few things he could call his own. I loved how the others worked with him and helped him to get back on his feet.

Just all the characters went through changes, some more drastic than others. But I really loved how the story played out and getting to see through all of their POVs! Even Brita's! The choices the individuals made and what influenced them to make such decisions. The guys not instantly getting along with one another was something else I really admired. Making it seem more realistic with how they struggled to accept each other. Nerites is still one of my favorites and he is the biggest cinnamon roll!

I really love everything about this series and how much the author has poured into it! Elisha Kemp really did her research and has an understanding for the time period! Of course, adding her own artistic flare to things! I love how with this series I am completely submerged in the past and nothing yanks me out of it. Everything surrounding Adrienne is within the Minoan time period, she is the only one to have knowledge of the "future".

The spicy scenes are ramped up in this book! Asterion. . .I could/would gladly take orders from him all day long! We have group fun action along with one on one, MF and MM. This is a why choose romance but the men within the group have relationships with each other, the FMC fully approving of it all/respecting it. There's an MMC of the group who is a virgin and also enjoys voyeurism.

Adrienne's men are rather possessive of her and have the touch her and die vibes down! There's also possessiveness of each other. We have modern and ancient curse words within the read along with bloodshed. Some brutal moments and slight gore, nothing drawn out and detailed. Some past memories of men mistreating a woman and attempted SA, but none of them went all the way! We do have little reminiscent moments mentioning things that happened within the last two books. 

The book does end on an HEA for Adrienne and her guys but there's so much room for more! Cliffhangers for some events happening in this installment that couldn't have possibly been wrapped up with a few chapters! There's also a bonus story that takes place immediately after this book ends that I am very grateful for. I also love that the author provides us with a Minoan Pantheon list and a glossary at the back of the book!

I am very excited to read more of this series and also any of the author's future books! I love her work and writing style and just need more! I could gush so much about this series, and now I want to time travel! 

Enjoy this romance with different burn rates, gods/goddesses, mortals, and so much more! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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Book 3

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