Twisted Hearts: Twisted Ties Series Book 2 Author Roisin Visser

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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! These books go in order and leave off on cliffhangers! Spoilers ahead if you haven't read the first book! Also, be sure to check out the TWs at the beginning of the book.






"I don't like most people. They're boring, predictable, and annoying." - X/Hutton

Things went from bad to complicated at the Wellness Center! Luke's been stabbed but has also been lying to Eden and Blaine for a while. Eden should have heeded Blaine's warnings about Luke, but she couldn't help it. She's not getting any closer to finding her answers, only more questions. Feeling alone and lost as Blaine is removed from her study group. The guys are beginning to question the truth about Eden's past and if Embry was even real!

X/Hutton's potentially the key to many things pertaining to Eden but can she trust what he says? Will he open up enough to talk to her? Did Caleb mean to harm Luke? And is she rushing things with Keir? Eden's lost and doesn't know what to do or who to trust as she tries to stay on the straight and narrow. She cannot leave this place until she finds some answers and Embry!

"I've had more nightmares since being at the Wellness Center than I have in years." - Eden

Eden believed she was making head way with her life and potential relationships only to have it all come crashing down! Caleb rushing in soured an intimate moment for the group and added more complications to the mix. Eden has finally lowered her walls a little and allowed some of the guys in. Giving them insight to her past but they have vocalized their doubts about things. . .

We are still dealing with cults and getting to see more insight into the individual cults the guys have originated from. Having glamours fronts with fancy words to hide the nasty underbelly of the real operations that were going on within the communities. Flashbacks are a prominent thing throughout this series only now we are getting to more of the guys' memories through their POVs. None of the past nightmares and horrors they went through are pleasant as things are brought to light! Caleb's character really grew on me with this read and what he's had to go through.

"Trauma is not a past event. Trauma is your brain perceiving threats in the here and now where there is no threat." - Dr. Vargas

The suspense is amping up as you try to piece things together and figure out what's going on behind the scenes. There's a lot of mystery surrounding Eden and her past! Luke's trying to understand it all and is conducting some digging of his own. Challenges are presented for the individuals of the group. I loved that this book focused more on the guys and the friendships they are building. Along with how they view Eden and are having a want to get closer to her but not knowing how.

The backstories are only intensifying, and something or someone is coming for X. . . I love the problems that are happening within the group dynamic. Having to solve things and compromise on a lot. I admired the challenges of having a romance with someone who's trying to heal and move forward from a very traumatic past. What it looks and feels like and how being vulnerable can be a very intimidating/scary thing. Not knowing how to let go of the past and also trying to understand one's self.

I really appreciate that the author included a recap of the previous book at the beginning! Still having multiple POVs but shifting the focus to the guys more than Eden. Getting into their heads and understanding a little more about them and their personalities.

There's language in this book along with violence and bloodshed. Mention of past experiences with SA and sex trafficking. One of the guys believes he has to do penance by bloodletting. . . This is a dark read and there's a lot of fascinating and scary psychology within the book! Moments of grief, guilt, helplessness, and anxiety. One of the MCs was experimented on as a child, and we get their POV of the experience. 

Getting to have a dark romance with a stalker/touch her and you die vibe. MF action is in the book, but the slow burn is going to frustrate you especially after having the yumminess within book one! We have a bisexual and a pansexual within the group along with a voyeur! This is a why choose romance, but the guys are having some technical difficulties. . .

Pieces of a puzzle are clicking into place, but more questions are arising! Will the group make it out of this never-ending rabbit hole in one piece? The cliffhanger killed me, and I NEED the next book! Love the pacing of the story and writing style! 

Enjoy the intense, dark, psychological, suspense read and don't forget to give the author some stars!

Book One

Twisted Allegiance (Twisted Ties Book 1) - Kindle edition by Visser, Roisin. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Book Two

Twisted Hearts (Twisted Ties Book 2) - Kindle edition by Visser, Roisin. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @


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