Summoning Her Monsters: A Monster Novella Author Arianna Barton

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"I would release hell on Earth if it meant getting my brother safely back where he belonged." - Lexi

Lexi's parents believed they had more important things to do then raise the children they brought into the world. Lexi took over as guardian for her brother and has raised him ever since she got the legal papers. She will protect her brother no matter what but when he's kidnapped in the middle of the night everything changes!

Lexi has to get her brother back and decides to use a summoning spell to communicate with ghosts. Only when she casts the spell, ghosts are not the ones who appear within the circle. . . Three monsters that are hotter than sin have Lexi questioning her choices of being single. She has to get her brother back and these men have stated they will help her. She's also their fated mate?!

"She will be the death of us." - Dom

Lexi has had to be the responsible one for so long she has no idea what fun is anymore. She absolutely loves her brother, and he's her entire world, but sometimes she wishes to just have a moment to relax. Having to take care of someone takes its toll on you even if you don't fully comprehend it until it slaps you in the face. Lexi's trying to stay focused on her brother, but the guys make it a little difficult. 

I really loved and appreciated the take on beings who have mates versus someone who doesn't have fated mates. I admired when one of the guys stated that they had lives and families before Lexi mistakenly summoned them. With books where there are mates, we typically always get them being so thrilled to be around one another and finding each other. But I love when we see a "real" side to things and not being so excited about the mate thing. Slightly different burn rates within this novella romance.

The guys help to bring out the best with Lexi, though she's already a very strong, independent, and powerful witch. Them admiring and recognizing all of those qualities within their mate. But they help teach her to relax and have fun especially when she cannot physically or mentally do anything at the moment. Rushing in isn't always the answer.

I love Arianna's writing style and the men she comes up with. Her FMCs are no slackers and would gladly put anyone in their place, even if they are two times smaller than the MMCs. There's one character who is best friend goals and I hope she gets a little novella! I also enjoyed a little bit of a verbal language barrier surrounding one of Lexi's mates. He's also one of my favorites characters! 

With this short read there are some TWs, a very brief list but still read it because we dive right into situations! The author keeps things light and heartwarming even if there's some heavier materials mentioned. Language is prominent in this book along with some violence and slight gore. Parents having some warped ideas about their children and "goals" they have for them. . . The main plot of the story revolves around a kidnapping.

We get multiple POVs, and I was excited to read through the POVs of the guys. Being able to see how they felt about Lexi and also how they used their abilities! The book is fast paced but a little bit of a slow burn romance. We do have MF action along with all the guys being present, no MM action. The guys are also very possessive and protective of Lexi, touch her and die vibes! Forced proximity, one bed trope, and the guys falling first!

The book ends with a HEA, and I was here for every minute of it! Do enjoy the why choose monster romance and don't forget to give the author some stars!


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