Twisted Games: Twisted Ties Book 3 Author Roisin Visser

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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This series goes in order and ends on cliffhangers! If you haven't read the first two books go and read them first otherwise this review will contain spoilers!







"Eden's life has been a series of tragedies." - Anna

"Time is Now", what does that even mean?! Things have gotten progressively worse, and no one is coming forth with answers. Eden is missing and the guys are becoming more tangled within a dangerous web of lies and coverups. Something isn't right at the Wellness Center and the leak of the news regarding some issues is not helping anything! Media swarming in to get all the details while some are trying to cover their butts. . .

Matt/Luke decides it's time to reopen the cold case regarding the Lassiter twins. But as he sorts through the case and tracks down people to interview, he's finding all sorts of "odd" things. Getting closer to the truth is placing everyone in danger and two of the guys have seen or heard something they shouldn't have. Targets are being placed on individuals and new obstacles are arising. How will this all be concluded?! Is there such a thing as a happily ever after for really broken people?

"The world isn't the place I built it up to be in my head." - Caleb

This series is everything! We have the amazing psychological suspense and a why choose romance combined! The guys are also not shy of helping one another out especially when there's a pansexual and a bisexual within the group! Now do please read the TWs because this is a very dark romance with some heavy materials discussed. 

The cliffhanger with the last installment was a doozy! Blaine's having to pick up the pieces while also trying to keep it together. He's coming to realize that his world has slowly broadened and he's forming connections and relationships he never thought he would have. But Blaine's struggling with the addiction of using things to help numb everything. Causing others to be concerned about him and more guilt to build within him.

Matt/Luke has decided it's time to follow the white rabbit and dive headfirst into a cold case. He knows there's something more going on and with the hint of a previous connection between X and Eden he cannot ignore that. There are too many coincidences happening for his liking and little pieces of the puzzle are clicking into place. As he unravels the Lassiter case, he's finding out there's a lot more going on than what was written down. . .

With this book be prepared to feel an array of strong emotions. Anything from heartbreak all the way to straight up anger, especially centering around a certain character. . . The author is doing such a fantastic job with this series, and I am on the edge of my seat! I want more and I am loving how the guys are slowly becoming closer and working out their differences with each other. I appreciate that they are going through adjustment periods and understanding one another's dynamics.

"Caleb likes French fries more than most people like their lives. He just might start praying to them." - Blaine

Caleb's character has truly grown on me and this right here. . .this solidified it! A lot of people when they read, they want to get candles with certain scents or have particular music playing. Not for me! When a food is mentioned, or a MC is enjoying a food I love I get a craving for that while I continue reading the book! Every time I get French fries I will be thinking of Caleb!

This book is still centered around cults and past traumas. With the multiple POVs we get to see firsthand experiences through flashbacks. A couple of the MCs deal with nightmares and PTSD. Violence, bloodshed, and injuries along with language. Mention of past suicides and an MC wishes to end their life, brief mention of a past dealing with a potential pedophile. Head injury and some complications that arise with that. Again, read through the TWs!

We get just a little more spice in this book then we did in the last one, but everyone's being complicated and dramatic! I mean there are some serious matters going on but still. There's teases of different pairings and ideas for a future date. MF, MMF, MFM action are in this book and some hints to potential MM action. One of the MCs is a voyeur. There are different burn rates happening within the why choose group. 

We have another cliffhanger that will get you and have you needing the next installment! I really want to see how this all ends and if any of my theories are correct! I am going to be extremely sad when I have to say goodbye to this cast. Love the writing style and the suspense, still have a bit of a book hangover because of this read! 

Enjoy the dark romance that deals with mental health and cults. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Book One

Twisted Allegiance (Twisted Ties Book 1) - Kindle edition by Visser, Roisin. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Book Two

Twisted Hearts (Twisted Ties Book 2) - Kindle edition by Visser, Roisin. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Book Three

Twisted Games (Twisted Ties Book 3) - Kindle edition by Visser, Roisin. Romance Kindle eBooks @


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