Consider Yourself Lucky Author Bryanna Marie

Book Review

4.5 out of 5 stars!

"Do you know what I associate with bad luck? Myself." - Addy

Adelaide's life has been nothing but a series of unfortunate events, right down to losing her mother at a young age! The only piece of "luck" and a constant she has in her life is sweet, Grandma Millie. Addy believed that her lot in life would consist of remaining single and working at the local grocery store until she died. But when a new flower shop opens up in her smalltown everything changes!

Collin's the owner of the flower shop and the target of every single woman's affection! Addy believes she doesn't stand a chance with him, he's out of her league. Fate has other plans for Addy and soon her life may just be turning around. Everything seems to be falling into place and becoming perfect, but what's the catch? Collin has some mysteries surrounding him but surely that's just because they are new to one another. . .

"Time means nothing my dear. Always keep that in mind." - Grandma Millie

I was pleasantly surprised with this read. I thought I had a couple of the characters figured out but then the twist happened, and I was shocked. It wasn't the twist I was expecting/hoping for, but I still really loved it!

Addy lives with her grandmother who raised Addy when her mom passed away. She lives her day-to-day life and follows a monotonous schedule. Within her smalltown nothing really happens, and Addy is surrounded by "bad luck". Nothing really going her way Addy believes this is it for her until Collin crashes into life. 

I loved reading about the blossoming romance and how the two met. Addy's used to life constantly letting her down so she's praying that she's wrong about this new relationship with Collin! She has her doubts and tries not to let them consume her, but something seems off about Collin. Should she trust her gut? Or is she just making up scenarios in her head? Having the constant mindset that the other shoe will always drop, and things will end horribly wrong.

The mystery and suspense were great, and I liked having constant doubts and wondering if my theories were correct or not. The uncertainty of situations and wanting to be wrong with certain events. Addy deserves a HEA and you're hoping she will achieve that! 

Grandma Millie has to be one of my favorite characters. She's supportive and ready to help in any way she can, I also agree with Addy that Millie could be a cougar. Grandma Millie's down to earth and refuses to let her age define how she behaves/acts. She was a fantastic character!

This may be a little bit of a spoiler so if you do not want to read you can just skip this paragraph. We do not have a cheating trope in this book but there's mention and suspicion of such things. There's a pregnancy trope within this read and I'm not really a fan of pregnancy tropes. It was well written, and I appreciated some of the things that were mentioned surrounding the pregnancy. Postpartum depression is something brought up as well.

Language is within the book along with some slight violence. The book is in first person POV and that being Addy's. We do get to experience feelings of guilt, anxiety, and doubt. A couple of scenes where she's having a nightmare. One of the characters within the book goes through some medical procedures that may be triggering for some. Heartbreak is an emotion you will feel for several different situations within the read. Mention of a past teen pregnancy, a relationship with a physically and mentally abusive lover.

Our FMC is a virgin because she hasn't had the best experiences with relationships. There our innuendos and some MF action tied in with the whirlwind romance. I was caught up in the romance that I forgot this was a suspenseful read! 

This is the first book of the author's and she mentioned she was on a short timeline. There're some editing situations and long-winded paragraphs, but neither threw me out of the read. I do want to pick up the author's next book to see how she has improved and to get more of her writing. I really loved the suspense and having to continuously second guess myself throughout the entirety of the book! 

Enjoy the read with romance and suspense. Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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