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3.8 out of 5 stars!

This is technically the second installment of the series BUT the books can be read as standalones! 

"We burned hot and then ultimately that fire burned us both." - Aurora

Donnie Lowe was someone who came with warning labels and red flags, but Aurora ignored them all! Something about Donnie drew her in like a moth to a flame. Their relationship was everything, but things ended, and Aurora was left with a broken heart and new walls put up around herself.

Ten years later she finds herself having to team up with Donnie to keep the Cartel out of their small town! And like most small towns you can only avoid someone for so long before you inevitably run into them. Aurora doesn't want to let Donnie back into her life and she certainly isn't the same woman she was ten years ago! She's a Queen and a certified badass that no one wants to mess with, but maybe she needs a King. . .

"She owned her brutal reputation both as a fighter and a lover." - Donnie

Donnie wanted to keep Aurora out of this line of work. He wanted her to have a happy life and not one cloaked in darkness thinking he made the right choice when he ended things with her. But life and people have a funny way about proving you wrong. Donnie is weary to approach Aurora, but he knows he needs her and her men to keep the Cartel out of his territory.

Aurora is very much that person that if challenged in any way would state "hold my beer" and dive right in! A lot of things happened within a short amount of time that led her down this path. She embraces all of it and isn't afraid to remind ANYONE about her status. I absolutely loved Aurora and how strong she was without even trying. A very sharp mind and was comfortable with herself and her extremely high libido. 

I really loved getting to see Luca again and understand the dynamics of his relationship with Aurora. How many people mistake their fierce/close friendship for something more. Sorry, but Luca's loyal to one woman and one woman only! (Check out book one.)  I also enjoyed getting to understand the finer details that made up Aurora and why she's so closed off.

The leads struggle with their feelings and with trying to not get too close. Neither one wanting to bring up the past or the rejections. Yet, when the two are within a few feet of each other they can't seem to keep their hands or their eyes to themselves. . . You will be frustrated on multiple occasions with well-placed interruptions at opportune moments! 

We get dual POVs, and I really enjoyed it. I will say that I wasn't fond of the fact that when we switched from one to the other, we would backtrack to get their perspective on events. I understood it and liked it here and there but with intense moments or high climatic situations I wanted the story to progress as soon as possible. This is my personal opinion; you may find nothing wrong with this writing dynamic.

"And I'm a complication?" - Don

"Yes. A very sexy, very large complication." - Aurora

This series focuses on a biker gang in a small town along with others within the area. There's mention of some of the businesses the gangs deal in but they REFUSE to be a part of the "skin" trade the Cartel is involved in. The guys may be big and bad criminals but hurting women in any way is a NO-NO! Language is very prominent in the book along with violence, bloodshed, and some gore. Threatening of SAing a woman (nothing happens), one of the side characters tells her backstory and it includes some darker topics. 

With the romance it's a second chance, frenemies to lovers. We have an age gap, slow burn, and an MMC who's rather possessive. The MMC also loves giving hand necklaces and growling. There are mentions of BDSM kinks and some big "O" withholding. There's a lot of spice in this book and we do eventually get full on MF action.

The book does end on a HEA but there's openings for more to come within the series. Couples from the previous book are mentioned and the books tie in together, but they can still be read separately from one another or out of order. Little recaps if you do read in order to help jog your memory of the previous book.

Do enjoy the dark romance with a couple who keep pushing and pulling at each other. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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