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4.5 out of 5 stars!

"Would you like to be my next victim?" - Gallows

Honor helped to serve up justice when she was part of a jury who helped place a dangerous sexual predator in prison! Only a couple years later he's no longer behind bars and Honor is on his list. . . Fleeing because he was getting too close Honor finds herself in a small-town. Something about this town really ignites a spark inside Honor and she decides it's time to stop running.

She refuses to be the victim any longer and with some help from newfound friends Honor builds up her courage. Will that be enough to take on her stalker? Maybe some self-defense classes will help to solidify her new badass persona! Only the local gym is run by someone Honor knows she should avoid more than her stalker. She doesn't date and she certainly doesn't date criminals or people associated with a biker gang! Yet Luca's a flame that draws her in even if Honor knows she will inevitably get burned. . .

"Maybe my life didn't have to be all darkness all the time." - Luca

Luca's set up rules as well, the main one being he doesn't date or see the same woman twice! He's suffering from some past grief and because of it he has sealed off his heart. Though when a certain bombshell rolls into his small-town, he can't help but feel his walls cracking just a little. The dual POVs really helped to show all the pining and the wavering feelings.

I really enjoyed Honor's character and how she grew throughout the course of this book. Honor's been through a lot and her past is very dark. This book does touch a lot on SA and mentions of rape. Honor has had to deal with disgusting men taking advantage of her almost all her life, attempted SAs that didn't go all the way. Now her stalker is the icing on the cake and she's tired of having "victim" written across her forehead!

This may be a spoiler but the men in the Brotherhood MC stand up for women. Protecting them and helping to be their biggest cheerleaders. Refusing to deal with anything illegal/legal that involves mistreatment of women in any kind of way. And people wonder why we love dark romances?!

I really enjoyed the chemistry between the MCs and just the crazy tension being built! Miscommunications galore and understandings of they shouldn't be involved with one another. Luca's professional and very respectful of boundaries. Ensuring that everything's consensual with Honor before he proceeds. Honor admiring that a lot but knowing she shouldn't go down that rabbit hole.

Was refreshing how Honor didn't want a man to save her. She wanted to become independent and no longer be her past self. It was no longer working for her or benefiting her in the slightest. Honor takes control of her life but maybe overcorrects in the opposite direction. Even strong Queens need someone to watch their backs and stand by their sides. 

The women of the town who soon become involved with Honor are incredible! Loved their dynamics and how they were so supportive. Chuckled at how open they were with one another and the topics they had no issue discussing out loud. I am really excited to read the next book featuring Aurora! Lily's another of my favorites and I can tell somethings going to come about with her! 

This book does contain language and depictions of violence, bloodshed, and some gore. Dealings with a SA predator and some of his intentions on what he wants to do. . . Feelings of grief and mention of War Vet PTSD. This series is about a biker gang and there's talk of some of the things they have to face and "deal" with. The books are a part of a collection but can be read as standalones, they end on HEAs!

There's some MF action that happens pretty quickly but then we have some slow burn drama. Very much enjoyed the frustration and build up between the two as we fell into the enemies to lovers trope. The MMCs rather possessive and very much touch her and die. Luca gives hand necklaces and Honor is very much about it and his dom side. There are several yummy MF action scenes.

Do enjoy the dark romance and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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