Fire Bird: The Phoenix Prophecy Book Six Author Cara Clare

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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! These books go in order and leave off on cliffhangers! If you haven't read the first five, then this review will be confusing and contain major spoilers! This is the FINAL book of the series!








"Devoured by flame. She is leaving me. Leaving us." - Kole

Kole had to watch as Nova played out the final part of the prophecy, praying to every god/goddess that this was the right choice. That she will rise as The Phoenix and help to save the world from utter destruction. But what if they were wrong. . ?

The guys are faced with hard decisions and realities they never thought would come about. Having to rely on one another and the few people they can trust. But is that enough? The King is coming and they may be powerless to stop him. What will be the fate of Phoenix Falls? Will there be anything left? Where's Nova. . ?!

"And secrets. . .they eat you up eventually." - Sam

Delayed review because I just didn't want this to be the final book in the series! I wasn't ready to let go of this cast of characters! Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and heartbreak! This read had me tearing up on multiple occasions and exclaiming "what the. . ." on several twists.

It had to be Kole. . . He was the best one to go with Nova to watch and be there until the end. It tore me up reading as we got to see everything through his POV! How he had to fight himself from running to Nova and saving her. . . Being a seer he's surrounded by rules and codes he must follow but that doesn't mean he enjoys it. Kole had to be strong for Nova.

The author takes us on a RIDE! I will try not to spoil too much but Nova doesn't come back just instantly and that's all I am going to say! The guys are left facing grief, guilt, and more. I did enjoy how they had to learn to lean on one another more and understand their new reality. Trying to keep faith in the face of so much darkness.

Grief is a very heavy theme in the read and I appreciated the different stages and individual takes on loss. The guys all trying to "handle" it in their own ways. Because in reality we all face grief uniquely. . . One of the guys being questioned briefly as to why he's handling things the way he is. I admired the guys even more and their personalities. Even a couple of the "rocks" of the group stating they couldn't be that right now.

We still have the multiple POVs in this final installment and I was really shocked by a couple of the POVs. Excited to see behind the character's mask and understand what's going on in their head. With this book we also get more of the guys backstories as they open up to one another just a little more. And there was some surprising spicy scenes I did not expect but very much loved!

This book had so many twists and ironic things that I caught onto. I want to specifically state them but that would give away major spoilers/plot points! I applaud Cara for the ironies and chuckled/cheered with some of them! I was also appreciative that some of the MCs weren't overpowered and even understood they needed help. The read was a phenomenal conclusion to the series even though I didn't want it to end! But the author has a new book coming out soon and I am very excited for it!

Language is present in the read along with violence, bloodshed, and gore. One of the characters was so beautifully grotesque and I really loved the take on the person. Heavy feelings of guilt, helplessness, and the pain of loosing someone. With some of the character's backstories there are some darker materials mentioned and clear acts of manipulation. Dark magick is also addressed in the book along with blood magic.

We do get spice with this read! Steam needing to be blown off and some forms of distraction required. There's some frustrating moments that will have you wanting more because of the hints and teasing! MF action along with MM, the guys do not mind helping one another out. This is a why choose romance with a large group and there's some bisexual representation within the group dynamic.

There's mention of a novella at the end of this book that will revolve around Tanner and Kole's origin story! I cannot wait and maybe there will be more novellas to come. Whatever future plans the author has I am here for them all! I want to read more of her work and writing style along with all the spice!

Prepare your heart for this read! Enjoy this final installment of the series and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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