Babylove: A Dark Sapphic Romance Novella Author I. S. Belle

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

This novella is a prequel to "Zombabe" but can be read as a standalone! 

"Frankie was a one-woman band."

Even in a smalltown high school you have your cliques and Frankie was not a part of any of them! She preferred being alone because of how fake everyone was and didn't buy into the mask's others wore to "fit" in. But when the threat of summer school looms over Frankie's head she takes the first opportunity she can get to avoid sacrificing her months of freedom!

Even if the help comes in the form of a cheerleader who glows with popularity. The same cheerleader Frankie has a crush on but shouldn't say out loud. . . Only there's a catch for Ivy's help with tutoring, will Frankie be able to hold up her end of the bargain? Maybe getting summer school is worth it after all. . ?

"Bad place. Unnatural." = Bulldeen

This smalltown is surrounded with mystery and paranormal activities. Things not spoken of out loud but behind closed doors and even still there are people who believe it's utter nonsense. Only Frankie and a select few know that there may be some truths behind the stories and when Frankie discovers Ivy's secret things are blown wide open!

I absolutely LOVED Frankie and how she understood who she was, even if she struggled with fully voicing it. Because let's be honest, in high school a lot of us were straight up jerks or worse. Maybe even being the ones who were made fun of because "different" wasn't taken kindly. Frankie has to deal with bullying and an understanding that once people set foot within the school grounds there is this divide. It hurts but Frankie moves forward the best she can, knowing this won't be her ultimate chapter to define her life!

I enjoyed the shock when everyone noticed Ivy conversing with Frankie. The popular cheerleader talking with the social outcast and laughing?! *Clutches pearls* Someone call the authorities! Highschool was all about divides and surrounding yourself with walls, so when someone challenged the status-quo it created utter chaos! 

"If you spit on me, I'll spit right back." - Ivy

Oh, this line was incredible and had me laughing so hard! The dynamic between the two girls was perfect and their banter was phenomenal! They are complete opposites of each other right down to their attire. Frankie being goth while Ivy being a preppy girl with bright colors. I appreciated the fact that neither tried to do a complete one-eighty for the other to impress. Little hints that they both leaned into each other's fashion interests and likes but still hanging onto the things that made them unique.

We get witchy vibes with this short read, and this is a YA horror. Frankie has to help Ivy with something supernatural and the trail run Ivy did is a little out of control, especially when it's hungry. There's a scene of a feeding with some gore and blood. Do read the CWs at the beginning of the book! The horror was tastefully done, and I didn't mind the gore. 

There's language in the book and we get only one POV in this read being Frankie's POV and in third person. I really enjoyed getting to see how Frankie felt about things and could relate to her in many ways. This is a quick read and there's a HAE for the main characters of this book. But now I really want to read "Zombabe" after being introduced to some of the cast featured in that book! I wonder if I Frankie and Ivy will pop up again?!

Do enjoy this short read and don't forget to give the author some stars! BABYLOVE: a dark sapphic romance novella (ZOMBABE) eBook : Belle, I.S.: Kindle Store

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