The Hunt in Elusion: Fractured Ever Afters Book One Author M.L. Philpitt

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"For those who want to be chased." - Book Dedication!

Once upon a time--yeah, no this is not how this story goes. Della wishes her life was like the fairytales with all the simplicity and beauty and a guaranteed happy ending. Instead, she has been shackled into a world she wanted no part of being in, the world of Mafia Bosses and Underbosses! Being a servant to a man who's of this life and her stepfather. . . He gives her a proposition in exchange for Della and her sister's freedom. What choice does she have?

Getting into the assigned location isn't a problem. . .getting out is. This was supposed to be a simple job of getting information and possibly luring the "prince" out. But when the cards are laid out on the table, Della only has one option, run! Hoping the man who enjoys the hunt doesn't find her. Freedom always comes with a price. . .

"Run because I promise to find you." - Nico

This is a dark mafia retelling of Cinderella! I was very excited to read this book and I have been really loving retellings of the fairytales I grew up with. Leaving Disney vibes in the past and getting an adult version. Also, have to say I've been enjoying finding more reads dealing with the mafia and concepts of it.

Della's trying to survive and protect her sister by any means necessary. She did not choose the life she's currently chained to and wants out as soon as possible. Only her stepfather holds the key to her chains and her freedom. When he gives her the out, she has been waiting for she takes it! The task sounds easy enough and she knows she can do it, hopefully.

Nico's nearing thirty and his father's disappointed in the fact his Underboss hasn't chosen a bride yet. Wanting the legacy of the family to continue Nico's father pushes him. Nico knows what he has to do for the duty of his family and the obligations he has toward his group. Only he's utterly disappointed and bored with the selections until someone catches his eyes.

I love mafia romances with the dominating MMC but what really seals it for me is when the FMC does not back down to the "big, bad" mafia man. Della may be a little intimidated by Nico because she understands the men of this life, but she doesn't cower before him. She meets his sharp words with her own and even keeps him on his toes challenging him in ways he hasn't been before. 

I was chuckling several times with their dialogues. I really loved the duo POVs and how we get to thoroughly understand how much they're affected by one another. Enjoyed the internal battles they had and how some things were obvious to those closest to them. Even with the dark concepts there was comedy in this read namely Rafael. I cannot wait until he gets his own book, if he does! My other favorite character does get his own book and I will be needing the next installment!

"Villainy comes in many strange forms." - Nico

The concept of villains and what makes a villain was perfect. I appreciate when you can tell the MCs help to change or improve one another but none of this complete reset of personalities. I was that odd child, even with the Disney classics, that would fall in love with the villains instead of the heroes. There are obstacles the characters present to one another and hard decisions that have to be made. Questions of what loyalty is and what does it look like. 

This read is a dark romance and we are also dealing with the workings of the mafia. Blood and violence are prominent in this read along with language. There's an interrogation scene, attempted SA that is stopped in the best way, strong emotions and motivations, manipulation, and some other materials. 

The author has a detailed list you can find with all the TWs on it. I like how the author also spoiled us with a playlist at the beginning of the book. There's an overarching plotline going on that isn't fully closed up with this read. The main couple do have a happy ending and I believe we will see more of them throughout the series.

So, this read. . . This read really solidified something for me. . . Nico is very much into primal play and chasing. I didn't know how much I thoroughly enjoyed the kink until after I finished this book! Della doesn't seem to mind it at all and actually gets excited by being hunted. We also have some serious big O withholding in this read and the spice scenes between the MCs are intense! Very much a Daddy Dom and his "good girl".

Enjoy the dark read with a fantastic, close to reality, retelling of Cinderella! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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