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5 out of 5 stars!

I believe LambCat is also the Illustrator!

"You never let us date, and now you're just asking us to marry strangers out of the blue?!" - Lorena

Isn't it every princess' dream to find and marry the handsome prince? Possibly have children and rule a kingdom? The answer is yes, but for one particular princess this may be something she may never be able to obtain. Gwendolyn has the biggest heart and is caring beyond belief, plus she can bake! But she doesn't exactly meet the "princess" standards. . . 

Being different never bothered her because she was surrounded by love and a supportive family, but when the princes from the Plaid Kingdom come everything changes. Overhearing the truth of how her betrothed views her causes Gwen to run into the forest to get away. She stumbles upon an odd group of people who claim to be The Cursed Princess Club, but Gwen isn't cursed, right?!

"Maria's the graceful one, I'm the strong one, Gwen's the crafty one, and Jamie's the pretty one." - Lorena

So, I came across this Webtoon and DEVOURED it! I binge read it because it was so good and LambCat did such a phenomenal job! When I found out that the Webtoon was getting printed I just had to reread it, of course I wish I had the physical copy, but I was still over the moon. This story is a slice of life, coming of age, healing, and an emotional journey! Buckle up because this series will have you laughing and feeling so many emotions.

Think Disney princesses, that's how Gwen's sisters would be described but of course they have a couple of unique twists to their characters. Gwen isn't beautiful and up to standards that princesses are held at, she's different. Her appearance gets interpreted differently and people who focus too much on outward looks will read her all wrong. Miscommunication is a big thing in this series and the comedy that transpires from it is just excellent!

Gwen's never had to face someone who blatantly called her "really ugly". She doesn't know how to handle it, but she doesn't want to ruin her sisters' happiness. Three princes for three princesses to help unite the Plaid and Pastel Kingdoms. What's she supposed to do? Gwen has such a big heart, and her family is everything!

I love the entire family even the overly protective father. Jamie is pure comedy and chaos, don't be surprised to see a couple of panels were he's naked or down to his underwear. It's strictly for laughs and this is a YA fantasy, so things are done tastefully or pixelated out. But the first time I saw Jamie I knew he was going to be my favorite!

"I swear, that child gets in more trouble than a cat wearing boots." - Pastel King

The Cursed Princess Club is very unique, and I love the take on the age-old fairytales and curses. Prez is everything and I would love to meet her! The club. . .I don't want to ruin anything because just it was such a thrill reading about the club and how and why it came about! Just LambCat really provided the comedy surrounding the characters and their uniqueness from one another. The group is definitely wild but very wholesome and they help to provide a safe space.

I could go ON about this Webtoon! I also enjoyed seeing that LambCat rendered the artwork for the published volume. I was looking at the Webtoon vs the printed manhwa and I could see the updates LambCat made. Something I loved with the series was watching the creator's artistic growth. The story/plot had me completely hooked and the art just helped to bring everything to life!

We do have an overly protective father who has strict rules for his girls and the guards of the palace. . . Some of the older girls do make some innuendos but nothing straight up raunchy. There's some violence surrounding one character, some past experiences with bullying, and there will be some heavier materials to come. This story is going to be a very healing one, I cried multiple times with this read. 

I loved the sisterly bonds and just the closeness of the siblings. The cliffhanger will have you wanting more! If you have read the Webtoon or decide you cannot wait for the next volume, then the book does end on episode thirty-four. I still want to read and own all the volumes when they are available, and I have funds! There's no language in the read and fairytales are a prominent part of the series with twists and interesting takes on things.

Just I love this series so much and I am so happy that it is becoming available like this! Congratulations to LambCat! This read may also make you crave some waffles and if you love sugar, you are in for a real treat, possibly a new recipe.

Enjoy the comic and don't forget to give the author some stars! Cursed Princess Club Volume One: 9781990259937: LambCat: Books

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