The Captain of Nemain's Revenge Author McKenzie A Hatton

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5 out of 5 stars!

"The decks of Nemain's Revenge carried many spirits, heralding its namesake."

Captain Phantom is everything a pirate should be, including being a famous one! A pirate that strikes fear in others and causes them to lock their doors at night. Yet to a certain island full of people, he is a hero who is working to set them free from a man who is actually a villain. Phantom's plan is to ransom something precious back to the Prime Minister with some other cards up his sleeve for insurance.

But maybe the great captain has met his match when part of his plan includes a woman. A feisty, fiery, woman who doesn't back down to him or his crew. She is not what Phantom expected by any means! Being out at sea is sometimes very freeing and relaxing a home to some. Yet will Phantom survive the time frame he set up for himself and his crew with this woman on board? One can only walk so far away from each other on a ship surrounded by miles of water.

"Sometimes he felt more like a mother than a captain."

Phantom is such an amazing character! I loved his attitude and the tricks he had up his sleeve that fooled the people around him, even the ones who have been with him long enough to know better. He has strict rules on his ship and one of them being that you do not touch a woman without their consent. He's honestly a new pirate, book boyfriend!

Phantom's confident in himself and his abilities, but when Rose comes into his life things change. He quickly realizes that she is nothing how he thought she would be. Seeing a fire in her eyes and a determination that makes him want to enlist her onto his ship with his Eleven Devils! This simple task and ransom have turned into something more complex, something he doesn't want to acknowledge or admit out loud!

I really loved the main members of Phantom's crew! The chemistry between the men and their dynamics with one another was fantastic. The comedy they helped to infuse into the story was perfect and I was laughing out loud many times! I would love to be on board with the men and joking as they go about with their antics and teases. There's also a very special crew member that has bonded with the captain, I don't want to spoil anything, but I absolutely loved it! Sorry, no parrots aboard this ship.

I thoroughly loved Rose and her character. How she started coming out of her shell more as she relaxed around Phantom and his men. Being caged inside is no place for a young woman who wishes to explore the world! Or any place outside of her hometown and away from her father. I really loved how Rose didn't backdown or surrender when it came to matters with Phantom or his Devils. She even surprised them all on several occasions!

I like how not everything is as it seems, and you really cannot judge someone on just their looks or the people they are surrounded by. Everyone getting a healthy dose of humility in this read and an understanding that there are two sides to every story. I really enjoy books with pirates who seem like they would harm you instantly but instead are just big sweethearts! Though don't get me wrong, they will protect the ones they value the most no matter the cost. I also enjoyed getting to see people's backstories and how Phantom got his crew.

I was so wrapped up in the story and the little hints the author was dropping that I didn't realize I was reaching the end with more questions than answers. I enjoyed the cliffhanger, and my heart was broken a bit by what happens and now I NEED explanations and the next installment! It was such a good ending, and the author did an incredible job! 

This book does contain violence, bloodshed, sword fighting, and language. We get some brief training montages within the read! There is this sort of plague that is poisoning the lands and causing some sad aftereffects and one of the MC's backstories depicts things up close. Nothing over the top gruesome or stomach turning! Strong emotions are present and one of the MCs has to get themselves under control otherwise something bad will happen. This book also made me tear up a little with an event that took place! Phantom's POV is the only one we get in this read and it is in third person.

There's romance budding in this read but it is a SLOW burn! Innuendos are present and tension is being built but the two are being fools. One of my favorites yet frustrating tropes is idiots to lovers! The kind where everyone around them can see what's happening but the two main love interests. I did smirk at a couple of the side characters who are catching feelings for someone else within the story. Cheering for them all!

I cannot wait for the next installment which will be coming out soon! Do enjoy this read with pirates and strong female characters, the men being more than happy to support them! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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