How to Marry Your Single Dad Neighbor: A Sweet RomCom Author Camilla Evergreen

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"Never trust a poor first impression. It may just be the unlikely start of a story." 

Sofia and her next-door neighbor didn't have the best of first impressions. Since that time, they've both kept their distance from one another with the exception of one person. . . Okay, look Sofia needs her "tiny editor", no if's and or but's about it! Even if the person just so happens to be the daughter of the next-door neighbor who hasn't looked directly at Sofia since she moved in.

But after a certain meeting between June and herself, Sofia finds she needs to take action realizing that she is inevitably a mother! How did that happen?! June doesn't want to return to her biological mom and Sofia refuses to have her "child" taken away from her. The solution is rather obvious, go over and announce to the single dad that you are going to marry him! Yes, that will work, what could possibly go wrong? Marriage-of-convenience tropes always work out in books surely it will be fine in real life.

"Fantasy is just reality with an extra dose of belief." - Sophia

I absolutely LOVE Camilla Evergreen's romantic comedies. They will leave you feeling so many types of ways! I didn't expect to cry as much as I did with this read as I devoured it. Camilla writes clean romances with happy endings and feel-good moments. But I also really love and appreciate that the MCs don't always get the memo and toe the genre line. Meaning there are some sexual innuendos and wants because we are still dealing with adults. Everyone needs a healthy dose of wanting to cling onto another like a "baby koala", right?

Sofia's finally becoming a full-fledged adult with her own house and independent life! Within the years she has lived in the neighborhood she has formed a bond with the daughter of the single dad next-door. Not fully registering the extent of the bond until she is faced with a problem that involves her. The lightbulb over Sofia's head immediately bursts to life when she goes through the list of things that have united June and her together.

She needs June more than she realized and will not allow for someone to wreck June's life just because they suddenly want to play "mother". Nope! A plan is formed and soon the path is shown the only problem is going through with the plan. Grayson hasn't exactly been the most welcoming and now she has to talk to the grumpy recluse about marriage?!

I laughed so much with this read and just loved how the trio were brought together. Understanding more about one another and growing closer even if sometimes the MCs were a little clueless. . . This book does touch on CPS and potential chances of a child being taken away. Custody battle is mentioned but Camilla kept things lighthearted and respectful. Do read the "reader expectations" at the beginning of the book, but Camilla keeps her romcoms very fluffy, romantic, and light even when heavier subjects are addressed.

I love reading books where the MCs are nerds just like us bookworms! Reading, reviewing, or even being the authors of the books, we have come to love and adore! Sofia's an author with a pen name and a lack of social skills. She would rather remain inside her house doing her own thing then go out into the world. Sofia has an author bestie, and a nine-year-old bestie so why should she want for anything else?

"Seriously. Who would have thought rolled-up sleeves would be my kryptonite?" - Sofia

I absolutely loved Sofia and her character. She's an indie author trying to make it in the world and enjoying the interactions with her traditionally published friend. The two are also making big moves with their future plans as things begin to unfold. Sofia hasn't been ready to unmask her true identity to the world and has remained under her pen name without showing her face. But maybe it is time to come out?

I loved all the healing that went on within this book! Grayson is definitely a new book boyfriend! He's patient and understands boundaries, not pushing even though he would personally like more. Wanting to take things at Sofia's pace and allowing her space when she needs it. There's some behind the scenes things going on as we get to kind of see into Grayson's head. If you loved, "You've Got Mail" you will really enjoy this read and understand the frustrations I had with the MCs.

Both Grayson and Sofia have come from broken homes and ones that housed abusive behaviors. They are both trying to not be products of their upbringing and Grayson is making sure he doesn't raise his daughter like his father did with him. . . There are insights into their pasts but no real in-depth details, but you understand what's being conveyed. Because of the past Sofia has been a bit insecure and untrusting about things.

"Naturally. Every young woman needs to know how to overthrow a government." - Sofia

The book is in first person POV and only Sofia's. I loved the read and just how everything played out! There's no language in the book and again the romance is clean and closed door. We do have a scene of heated emotions between younger kids, and I really loved how it all played out and how the adults handled things. Understanding that it isn't an easy job to raise children and you need to have a backbone. It is a learning process for all parties when it comes to children and how to handle them and situations that arise.

June was well written, and I absolutely loved her. Children are very smart and pick up on things quickly! Camilla writes phenomenal characters and ones you can relate to even if they are younger than you! We do get a very happy ending and I really enjoyed the extended epilogue! The next book in this series is an enemies to lovers and I am SO excited because that is one of my favorite book tropes! I have to see how Camilla pulls it off within a clean romantic comedy genre!

I could go on about this book and the author's writing style, but you just have to read this book for yourself! Do enjoy the slow burn romance and don't forget to give the author some stars!

These books can be read as standalones!


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