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3.8 out of 5 stars!

"A month on the street was a long time for a twenty-year-old." - Kamryn

Kamryn's life has been nothing but one giant, terrible domino effect. She's now on the streets, hungry, thirsty, and alone, is this the end to her story? If only things had gone differently but maybe there's hope for her when she decides to look up into the face of a possible new beginning.

Decker's trying to navigate through life and make every day count seeking redemption for something he wishes to never remember. The highlight of his days has been the stunning, homeless girl in front of his apartment complex. Somethings drawing him to her like a moth to a flame, but why? She looks hungry and he's a good cook, does the phrase "the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach" work on women as well?

"Yes, I was a twenty-two-year-old man, but who the hell didn't love juice boxes?" - Decker

Kamryn's been through a lot and having to carry around a heavy amount of grief. Grief being something that never leaves or just randomly stops. It's something that reprograms your DNA and becomes a part of you, it's how you live with it and handle it that's the hard part. Simple things can trigger memories or moments that will have you crumbling.

Living on the streets is something no one wants or plans for. We get to really see into how Kamryn's life changes from living under a roof to having none at all. All the little things we take for granted in our day to day lives. Trinity really helps to showcase what it's like to not have anything. The first interactions between Decker and Kamryn are amazing.

Decker's being weighed down by a past he wishes he could change but he knows he can't. Trauma's funny like that, replaying in your mind if you let it and all the ways you could have avoided it though sometimes things are out of your control. Decker moves forward and looks to the future, but his vision of that may be changing when he sees Kamryn. The guy falls first with this read!

This book is a journey about love, healing, grief, and pasts. The romance is very sweet and will have you putting Decker's name down as a book boyfriend. He's a big cinnamon roll with bright, vibrant energy! Plus, I may have already mentioned this, but he cooks! Second chances are something that everyone deserves, but it's how they utilize the opportunity that defines things. 

Not to mention forgiveness, even forgiving someone but not going up to that person and saying it to them. Sometimes just forgiving the situation or person out loud to yourself is a healing that you need, a closure. Forgiveness can be difficult at times and the idea of it foreign in situations.

This is just my personal opinion; you may see absolutely nothing wrong with the read and be naming this your new favorite romance novel! For me I was able to predict the majority of the book and how things would turn out. Just how the flow of the story and events where I was able to figure things out pretty quickly, but I also read a LOT of books. A certain advancement with characters seemed a little off. Again, this is just my honest and personal opinion.

We deal with feelings of grief, pain, and some anxiety. Some of the feelings are a bit extreme because of the causes surrounding the emotions. There's some violence in the book and mentions of blood but nothing is out right gory or stomach turning. Please read the TWs at the beginning of the book because there are some heavier subjects and scenes relating to the warnings. We get duo POVs and get to really see things clearly since the POVs are in first person. Language is present in the book and some mention of religion.

The read is fast paced but the romance is a slow burn. We get all the bubbly, mushy feelings of falling in love and the excitement of it all as the leads get to know each other. Understanding one another's dynamics and the MMC being extremely respectful of boundaries, he's also very much "touch her and I will break your hand". We get sweet affections but with a side of spice with the MF action in the book.

Do enjoy the read that will have you feeling a whole spectrum of emotions! And don't forget to give the author some stars!

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