All I Wanted Was Sushi But I Got Abducted By Aliens Instead: Bubble Babes Book One Author Petra Palerno

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"The little human makes my heart want to explode." - Ke'ain

Opal just wanted to eat sushi in her car and try not to have another breakdown, but she couldn't even enjoy a good cry! Instead, her life flipped upside down as she was suddenly brought to an entirely different planet! Being placed under the custody of weird looking aliens and informed she was now in the entertainment business. How did this happen to her? She doesn't even know how to dance!

Ke'ain's trying to go about his royal duties when a fateful traffic jam causes him to do a double take when he sees the human! Plans change the moment he locks eyes with Opal and maybe their chance meeting is exactly what they both needed. Is Ke'ain really ready for the feisty, southern accented, plus size female? 

"You are the best, slightly overbearing alien boyfriend a recently abducted girl could have." - Opal

I loved the cover for this book! Was very excited to see something new from an author I have read and reviewed for in the past! This book is very comical, with a plot, spicy scenes, and moments that will have you feeling strong emotions!

I absolutely loved Opal! She's very independent and sure of herself, confident with her body and not afraid to speak her mind. The first chapter had me laughing and cheering for her, she doesn't take the whole abduction thing very well and I was hooked from the first sentence on! I was really excited and very much appreciated her southern accent. Recognizing some of the slang words and grinning like an idiot. "Darling" and "Ya'll" specifically had me chuckling.

Ke'ain's so sweet and very much an alien. I loved him and how the two struggled with understanding one another. Luckily, Opal has a translator so there's not a language barrier, but Ke'ain doesn't fully comprehend human jokes and sarcasm. Opal also has to get used to her new environment and the customs of the people surrounding her, but the two are willing to learn and teach one another. Also, some of the misunderstandings between them just added to the chaos.

I laughed so much with this read and just the comedy between the two! Getting into trouble and having witty banter back and forth. Not to mention my man, Gar'eth! I instantly fell in love with the big gray alien when he was introduced and as the book continued, I knew he was my favorite. I was also really happy to see mention in the afterword's of the book that he will have his own story!

This is very much a comedy but there are some moments with heavier elements. Kidnapping being one of the obvious ones, slight blood and gore nothing gut wrenching, some violence, language, and some grief. Mates are a thing amongst the aliens and when they find their person, they are very much possessive of them. Touch her and you die vibes. With this read I didn't expect to get misty eyed with some emotional moments! I also very much appreciated the duo POVs and getting to see things from an alien's perspective.

With this read there is no slow burn! We get into things pretty quickly and I enjoyed it a lot! Ke'ian's species has some special equipment without giving too much away. I really loved reading the scene where Opal finds out about it and even asks Ke'ain why he has it. MF action is very prominent in the book and there's one big MF action scene that had me dying with laughter.

I enjoyed the plot of the book and how it flowed. We do get a HEA with this read but the author mentioned that we may be seeing more of the couple from this book in the future installments of the series. We get a glossary at the end of the book and a character list but read the book before you look at the character list! I like having it so when the next book comes out you can look at the end of this one to get a little refresher.

This was a really good book, and the laugh out loud comedy is fantastic! I cannot wait to read more of this series and see how things progress and even get cameos of the cast. Really want to see how things with Gra'eth go!

Enjoy the spicy sci-fi with a plot while I go get some sushi, I have a craving for it now! Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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