His Vow to Respect: A Flying Cross Ranch Book 5 Romance Author Shanae Johnson

Book Review

4 out of 5 stars!

"From the first moment she'd picked up a crayon as a toddler, Kailyn had found her calling." - Kailyn

Like many art teachers around the world, Kailyn Jade's having to fight for every penny she can. When a potential after school program opens up Kailyn has her eyes set on it! She wants to help others through art, but the odds seem stacked against her as she tries to remain positive. The biggest thing standing in her way is her arch "nemesis" Mateo Matthews. . .

After eight years of deployment, Mateo has returned home to the ranch and his ever-growing family. He wants to help add to the family by getting the woman who's had his heart since the moment he laid eyes on her. The only thing blocking him from his happiness is himself and his twin brother. Aldo has no issue going in on the older Jade twin, Elayne. Will Mateo overcome things? Or remain quiet as his chance at a beautiful life slips away?

". . .Kailyn had a reputation for being soft, everyone knew Elayne was hardcore." - Kailyn

Kailyn's a high school art teacher with funds ever dwindling because the art program doesn't bring in "profit". Sports all the way! I knew instantly how things were going to go because of the example my small-town high school showed me. . . Art teacher struggling and having to purchase supplies from their own pockets while the sports program got it all! I felt for Kailyn and completely understood her struggle and feelings of hopelessness.

Kailyn knows her stuff and art therapy! There were several times that the lightbulb came on over my head as she analyzed her students' assignments. She has a very big heart and wishes to help others with her talents. Nurturing them and giving them a safe space to work through their emotions and express them without being judged or bottling them up! I loved Kailyn a lot!

I enjoyed watching Mateo's character growth and him having to face his demons. The twin life isn't all that it's cracked up to be and Mateo's tired of always being linked with Aldo. He wants to stand on his own two feet and have a life that Aldo may or may not approve of. But Mateo no longer cares and wants his happy ending! 

This is a novella at one hundred and twenty-three pages in length and it is a fluffy romantic one. But there's some drama and past baggage that's addressed. A lot of the main cast had to deal with the foster care system before they were adopted. Some of the things that are brought up are very interesting and eye opening. I loved all the growth in this read and some of the side characters. Miguel I just wanted to wrap up in a big hug!

There's some brief bullying in the book, two of the side characters have some strong banter between each other. Another romance trope is evolving alongside the main couples second chance trope. A brief fight scene that I was cheering for, you will understand when you read! MF action but only passionate kissing, sorry this is a clean slow burn romance. I couldn't find any language in the book, and I loved the duo POVs!

This is book five in the "Flying Cross Ranch" romance series, but I believe you can read them as standalones. Just note that the couples from the previous books may be featured in the next installment. So, for a better reading experience go in order! The novella did have a HEA and I really cannot wait for the next couple's book!

Enjoy the sweet romance with some angst and twin drama! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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