Disassembled Creatures Author Albany Walker

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"It all started with a game." - Lethe

Just a simple game amongst friends to kick off some early Halloween fun. Only the game wasn't what Lethe had signed up for and definitely not what the rest of them had hoped for. Deaths tend to place a damper on things and when they are of the people you know and who are closest to you. . . well, it gets a bit scary.

What ghost have they unleashed on the sleepy town? Do ghosts even exist? It was just a silly cardboard game with a pointer, why's this happening? Happy Halloween. . .

"I'll be her shadow."

This was such an interesting read with all the chills and spookiness of a Halloween novella! Not to mention the mystery and suspense of what's going on and why's it happening? Are the deaths homicides or freak accidents?

Lethe is caught on the very edge of being eighteen and trying to mature a bit. Figuring out she may no longer like certain people or want to be close to them anymore. Part of growing up is leaving behind people who no longer help to raise you up.

In the middle of everything that's happening Lethe has a very handsome guy walk into her life. She's unsure about his motives but something about him is drawing her in. The heat between the two of them is incredible and the chemistry had me hooked. I love Albany's writing and this novella did not disappoint!

This is a darker romance read! There are deaths and mentions of how the person died, no crazy in-depth details but some are slightly gory. There's language and the FMC starts out as seventeen but nothing sexual happens until after she's eighteen! Loved the very spicy MF action in the novella and enjoyed the single POV being from Lethe's.

Now with the ending. . .I need more! This novella could be book one in a series if Albany wanted to continue with the cast. You will understand when you read it! 

Enjoy the dark romance novella with all the Halloween spookiness and the boogeyman! Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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