Where the Lights Lead: The Elements Series Author L.H. Blake

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5 out of 5 stars!

"You know, one day, you're going to meet a girl that you just go crazy for and she's not going to want to give you the time of day." - Alex

Will was warned on multiple occasions about his "activities" outside of work. Building a reputation for himself in the process of searching for something. A connection, the desire to feel anything other than the mechanical process of things that leave him feeling empty and hallow. After a horrible car wreck, Will walked away with more than just a broken heart. When Elora plows into him, Will knows he's in trouble and things are about to change!

Chain reactions start popping off as things get more bizarre. Never mind the fact that Will's starting to notice powers that could potentially place in him in a lab for the rest of his life if he's caught. He wants Elora but she has made it clear she doesn't want him. Will he be able to convince her he's more than what they say he is? Will he find what he's been looking for? And did anyone else notice a creepy figure with a hood on? 

"I want to grab that smart-ass little mouth of hers, press her up against the wall, and teach her some manners." - Will

I'm just going to say it, I melted with this read! I was "doom" scrolling through TikTok when I should have been reading. . .and found this author! She had placed up some lines from a spicy scene within the book and I was hooked! When I got the opportunity to read the full novel? Perfection! 

We've all had those times where you are with someone and just things are not clicking. Whether it's them or you or your brain just won't stop rambling on. But what if it's every time? You get your hopes up believing this will be the one, the one you will feel a connection with.

We all want to connect to someone and have someone connect to us. Being able to vibe with one another and laugh at each other's jokes, no matter how out there they get. And then having a passionate connection in the bedroom? They don't call it a climax for nothing. We are creatures who desire companionship even if that means different things for different people.

I LOVED the first day Elora and Will met. I was saying oh no on so many points and laughing at others. The universe had built up jokes for days for Will and Elora. Resulting in one of my favorite tropes to blossom between the two, enemies to lovers! Elora doesn't back down from Will or his teases and even dishes it back. The tension between the two was just phenomenal and comical.

I loved Will so much and his character design. He's trying his best but his best just doesn't seem to be translating over correctly. I liked being able to see his POV and how he felt about Elora, loved how on multiple occasions he stated, "I'm in trouble." Also loved his energy of "touch her and you die"! Will's also struggling with his past and trying to figure out his future. 

Elora's trying to piece together her past that was forgotten. She moved to this new location to find answers, not find a guy who has a rep at the pub they both work at. She tries to ignore Will and not fall for his act as best she can. Things are becoming weirder and potentially supernatural in her life ever since she set foot in the pub and met Will.

I loved the dynamic between the two leads! Enjoyed being able to have duo POVs to see what's really going on in their heads. Not to mention the little unique abilities that are popping up and affecting both of them. They both have dark pasts and trauma they're trying to work through. This is a darker read with violence, mention of blood, anxiety attacks on page, dealing with a creepy guy, and language.

There's MF action in the read and I liked how the author wrote a scene to showcase something further into the book. Helping you to fully understand emotions and feelings about something. I really loved the big scene with the unique use of abilities! I was glued to the pages until the scene was over and just wanting more! Chuckling when I realized this was why I wanted to read the book.

The author gives us a map, so we know where we are! I like that she also mentions the book is in Canadian English and so some words may be spelled differently. Didn't bother me in the least or take me out of the book. I love this read with all the supernatural, mystery, and suspense. The cliffhanger has me excited for the next book in the series! I have a list of questions I need answers for!

Enjoy the close-proximity-enemies-to-lovers with all the mystery and don't forget to give the author some stars!

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