Twisted Allegiance: Twisted Ties Series Book One Author Roisin Visser

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5 out of 5 stars!

"This will be the hardest thing I've done in years. This is going to drag everything back up." - Eden

You know how we are all told/warned not to get wrapped up in a cult? Be careful who you talk to and what you believe. What happens if you had never gotten a real choice? Eden's in search of answers regarding something from her past, she's taking a big risk with joining the study group. But she will willingly take any risk or challenge to get what she seeks!

Eden and her best friend get tied into things neither of them were prepared for. Some new faces are joining their duo team, but can the new people actually be trusted? What's the end goal for everyone? And can Eden keep her past a secret long enough to get what she needs, regardless of how many things could be placed in jeopardy?

"In what universe do I get myself in the middle of this study and feel attracted to multiple guys?" - Eden

A universe I would be interested in. . . I was not fully prepared for everything that was inside this read! The author just asked if I had any trigger warnings and I said no, now here I am! Fair warning there are several trigger warnings in this read and I will mention some of them throughout.

Let's address the elephant in the room. This book is a darker read and the focus is on cults and what happens when people get out of cults and try to get help so they can reenter into society. Some of the things and pasts mentioned within this read may be triggering. The author did a phenomenal job with her research for this book, and I was awestruck by it all!

Eden's past is one that is extremely heavy and filled with abuse. Physical and mental abuse, leaning more on the physical side. There's something from her past that drives her forward and keeps her attached to the world. Trauma heavy and not wanting to talk about it because she doesn't want to remember or relive the moments. I enjoyed Eden's character and how she's striving to move forward. 

"It's courageous to keep going when your past haunts you." - Eden

She's trying to understand herself and the newness of intimate relationships. The desire to want more than one person and if that is, okay? Her growth and determination along with trying to heal from her past. I like how she's a psychology student and the study she's a part of is focused more on the psychology of the patients than anything else. I felt like this was a psychological suspense read with so much mystery and wanting to know more.

Books that make you think are something I enjoy the most! I love fiction but I thoroughly love when questions and situations are presented that have you wondering. It's intense to think of how cults are formed and how people are lured into them. Tricked and brainwashed into believing this is the way and the only way. 

I could relate a bit to one of the characters and how religion was turned into a brainwashing and fear tactic. Believe what you want, but when it turns into a method of control and forcing your beliefs onto others. . .that's not okay. I was intrigued and shocked by how well the character was portrayed, how scary things can get all for the name of a religion. . . Also, the erratic purity culture beliefs displayed in this read. 

Personally, I will be needing therapy because my favorite character was the sociopath. . . His mind was incredible, and I just got drawn into him. Very intelligent and kept everyone on their toes. I really loved Keir and just his demeanor. I wanted to just roll him up in a comforter and cuddle as we watched animated movies. He just needed a big hug and deserved one!

There were some of the love interests I was on the fence about and just curious to see how their characters will develop throughout the series! I really loved how the group dynamic isn't instantaneous and the guys are approaching Eden at different paces. Not to mention some of the guys messing up and none of the group being fully together yet. We also get several different tropes within this book because it is a why choose.

Slow burn is present, but you will not be left unsatisfied! We have MFM action in the book, MF action, MFMM, MMFM, solo, and some voyeurism. Bisexual representation is present within the group and the guys are not afraid to do some sword crossing and a little more. The two big scenes in the book were fantastic and had me curling my toes and holding my breath. Loved all of it and how it was written!

Language is in the book along with violence. Dark pasts and questions being asked about pasts lived within the confines of cults. Brainwashing, abuse both mental and physical, descriptions of abuse, blood mentioned, drugs used for both recreational purposes and non. Some drugs that are mentioned are some of the heavier ones. Several of the cults were putting up big fronts in order to hide their darker underbellies. This is a darker read and the psychology of it may be fascinating or haunting for some. 

I loved all the multiple POVs and was even surprised and excited for a couple! Loved getting to dive more into the minds of the characters! Some of the backstories and flashbacks broke my heart and wondering how anyone could sanely do what was done to the MCs. The cliffhanger got me, and I NEED to know what happens next! The author launches you off that cliff with the ending. 

Enjoy this dark why choose romance with terrifying pasts and uncertain futures. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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