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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! These books go in order and end on cliffhangers! If you haven't read, "Seeing Sound: Tasting Madness Book One", go and read that first! Potential spoilers ahead!









"You don't need to help her, you need to believe her." - Oz

The guys messed up BAD, well Memphis messed up bad! Neither of them can lose Waylynn and know they need to make it up to her and seek her forgiveness. They are drawn to her, and both are realizing something about Waylynn that they've never felt before. But will she forgive them and allow them back into her life? Or did Memphis really butcher it this time. . .

Waylynn's still trying to navigate through this new life. Unsure of her footing and not fully comfortable about opening up about her past. She knows she needs to but fears the rejection. Not to mention Memphis and what he had said to her. . . Should she allow them back into her home and heart? Would they think her insane if they knew the truth behind the need for medication?

"Eyes on me, Waylynn." - Memphis

That cliffhanger from the previous book broke my heart! I respected the fact Memphis knew he messed up horribly! I also very much appreciated that the guys had to really try to get Waylynn back, she didn't make things easy on them. Which she shouldn't have because Memphis shoved his past onto her and her situation without knowing the truth. I understand his worries and concerns, but he went about it in the wrong way.

I loved the struggle that all of the cast was having in this book. The guys being unsure about how to move forward with things and trying to understand Waylynn a bit more. Gauging how she feels about the idea of not having to choose between them. While Waylynn's struggling with the need to tell them about her past. No longer wanting to hide behind the words of, "I'm fine" or "I'm great". But rejection looms over her.

The idea of telling anyone your deepest darkest secrets is a bit scary. You know that some will see you as a monster or worse and avoid you like the plague. But as you grow older you realize not everyone is like that. Some will see your darkest parts and laugh, shaking their head and stating, "Is that all?" There are those who do not care about your past, they're more focused on your present and future. Whether it be romantic interest or a platonic relationship. 

Mental health and things surrounding mental health can be difficult to talk about to others. You don't want them to look on you with pity or that they need to walk on eggshells around you. For me, I feel like Waylynn's an empath and of course no one knew or told her. Hearing the voices in her head and then hearing the same voice come from a person in real life? That would be very scary! The war in her head started the minute she heard Memphis and Oswald's voices!

Bates! I really love Bates and his character design! His energy and the teasing he does with Oz, Memphis, and Waylynn is hysterical. He has a playful energy about him, and I like that he's getting drawn into Waylynn even more. He's unsure how he should approach and if it would be acceptable not wanting to lose his two best friends. 

This book is a darker read with some adult themes. Namely mental health and trauma related to past history. Mention of drug abuse and what happened when things crossed the line. How it affected everyone in the situation. Bates has a history as well and we get a glimpse of it. I loved the multiple POVs in this book and getting to see more into Oz's golden retriever energy! There's language in the book and I loved how the FMC doesn't like to cuss. Waylynn can but doesn't enjoy it.

"Dang it, Oswald must be rubbing off on me. I've never thought about liking a face." - Waylynn

This is a why choose romance and the relationships are burning at different rates. We still have that slow burn in this book, but I enjoyed all the teasing! Loved all the guys' dynamics and the brothers and how they tease one another. There's MFM action, not full on just hints of what could potentially come. Voyeurism, solo action, and MF action. This may be a spoiler, but Waylynn's a virgin and we get to see what that's like and some of the aftermath, so mention of blood. I really loved the scene and how it was played out.

The guys are extremely caring and very protective of Waylynn. Pretty sure they have the energy of "touch her and you die" vibe going on. I also very much loved the ending! I was cheering and very excited about how things played out. While also stating oh no and knowing the cliffhanger was coming. Now I am ready for the next book and everything that will be inside of it. Love Albany's writing style and her characters she comes up with.   

Enjoy the why choose romance with all the drama and coming of age. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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