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5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! This series goes in order and leaves off on cliffhangers! If you have not read the three previous books, then go do that first! Otherwise, this review will contain spoilers and also be confusing. We are also two books away from the end of this six-book series!







"You're a seer. Shouldn't you know if you're talking bullshit?" - Tanner

Nova and her guys are trying to find answers that no one seems eager to give up. With the League breathing down their necks and practically on their doorstep. Along the Bureau chasing them it seems like our groups caught between a rock and a hard place. Desperate for answers ideas are brought to light but if they act out the plans will they actually get answers or more questions?

Times ticking down for the group and for Nova herself. Five days until all hell breaks loose, quite literally. Her powers are growing every day and surprising everyone by how fast she's advancing. But will she be strong enough?  And will a history lesson really help the group? Is there more to the Phoenix Prophecy?

"I guess I could be your therapy wolf." - Sam

Ugh! So, I love how there are different burns within this book and how the guys are not instantly like Nova's mine. We already had the Professor being hard to get and now it's Luther's tern. I love the build and how they're both facing their demons but still. . . Polar Daddy and Fire Daddy need to get over themselves.

At first, I was unsure about Luther, but his character has grown on me. With the last book, "Ashes: The Phoenix Prophecy Book 3", Luther opened up a little bit about his past to Nova. Since then though things have been a little rocky and heated. I liked watching the struggle Luther was having but I was also like come on! It's so obvious my man.

"The way you make me feel. . .it's sinful, Nova." - Mack

With this book we get to see more into Mack's past and why he has been denying himself. My heart went out to him, and I am glad that we got to see some vulnerability with him. Being the Daddy of the group is difficult but it's time he understood that he doesn't always have to be the rock. He can lean on others and Nova's more than happy to hold him in her arms.

I loved the mystery of this book and how puzzles needed to be solved. How their time limit went from maybe this much time to no time at all. Understanding what Ragnor wishes to do is insane and you know it isn't going to end well. In more ways than one. I enjoyed finding out that there's a little more to The Phoenix Prophecy than what everyone thought. 

I just loved how dynamics are forming and establishing, relationships are getting worked out, and the group is getting closer to each other. I also liked the tension and arguments between Tanner and Kole. I cannot wait for the next read because the cliffhanger was a doozy! I could predict some things within this read and some of the ending, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this book! The artwork for the covers continues to be absolutely stunning! The story is still one that has me hooked and ready for more!

I loved this one big spicy scene within the book involving an overnight cargo train, a blindfold, and drop-dead gorgeous men. . . I was so submerged into the scene I had to remember to breathe. I may have said damn a handful of times. . . This series is a why choose series and the men are not shy about sword crossing. We have some bisexual representation but only within the group dynamic, so all the actions are present in this book! MF, MFM, MMMFM, and so forth. You won't be disappointed.

The book does contain language, there's violence and blood, hints of a previous suicide, being burned, and depictions of panic attacks on page. This is a darker fantasy romance, and some things may be triggering for some. There are some kinks displayed in the book such as Daddy/Baby Girl, punishment/praise, biting and slight blood play from bites, and so much more. It is all consensual amongst the cast and the guys are focused on Nova and her pleasure.

I loved how one of the guys has a pierced. . . The tropes are close proximity, enemies to lovers, age gap, and so much more that I may not have picked up on. I loved the multiple POVs to get to see what the guys are thinking about or trying not to. This is still a very good read and series; I cannot wait for the next two books and to see how this all ends. I am hoping for a happy ending! Nova definitely deserves one!

Enjoy the read with all the spice, mystery, and magick! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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