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4 out of 5 stars!

"I want to talk to you about something." 

In no universe is this an okay line to use! You instantly feel anxious and like something's about to change and for Lincoln this is how the domino effect started! The one thing she was most confident in with her life suddenly wasn't there anymore. She was already having a crisis and the ending of a relationship didn't help. Top it all off by dying and call it fantastic! But it's fine she came back to life like she always does. . .

Lincoln's world gets spun on its head when she meets Priya. Things about her past and present click into place along with the explanation of why she seems to have nine lives. But when Linc finds out she's the last of her kind that has appeared in a decade there's some slight pressure placed on her. Demons are threatening to break through, and Lincoln is the Gatekeepers' last hope. Can she do the tasks they are asking of her? Do demons really exist? And who's this Queen of the Afterlife?

"No more compromising what I want for the sake of love or an argument." - Lincoln

I could relate to Lincoln on so many levels! Having to end a relationship and being able to clearly see what it truly was. Piecing together things, seeing all the signs that were there, and remembering certain situations. You're left feeling like a fool for a lot of things but also realizing that you did those things because you thought you were in love. I loved how the author addressed different emotions and feelings when it came to break ups. Was also proud of Lincoln's next moves after the breakup and how she handled her ex!

"Aren't you supposed to have your sexuality figured out by the age of twenty-five?" - Lincoln

This line had me laughing so much because the answer is N-O! Even after you figure it out things may change, or you may lean more this way than that way. Like Lincoln I was raised thinking and believing I was this way and to do things accordingly. Not knowing anything different until I was out on my own and then it all just finally clicked. Lightbulb moment and of course moments of "why hadn't I seen the signs sooner?!"

I loved the concept of this book and the take on things! The afterlife, a secret society, information that could topple humanity, and so much more. I enjoyed Lincoln's personal growth through this book and how she was trying to navigate through her new life. One that she clicked with and could feel a connection to from within her gut. Along with the am I attracted to this? And is it okay?

"I don't mind. I'll hold you up anytime, love." - Priya 

Priya has an English accent and I completely agree with Lincoln! English people should say "love" more even if it's simply platonic. I liked the dynamics between the two FMC leads and how they were able to open up with one another and have vulnerable moments. Priya's also someone you know not to mess with, she's not afraid to knock you on your butt.

We are dealing with death and beliefs on what happens when one dies. So, there's mention of such things along with grief and feelings of loss. Violence is in the book along with mention of blood and there's language. We have FF action that's a slow burn and trying to understand new feelings and attractions. Single POV through our curvy, strong female lead. The author even gives us a playlist we can look up to listen to as we read.

For me personally there were some slow moments and some of the dialogue was long winded. I still very much enjoyed the characters and the concept of this read. I also enjoyed all the LGBTQ+ representation in this book and how some of the characters didn't need labels. Labels being important to some while others are more blaze about it. We are all individuals!

I have to mention one last thing! I absolutely loved Mara! She's that ride or die, help you bury a body best friend who will stay with you until the very end. The book is a standalone with a HAE, but I think if the author wanted to, she could expand more within this universe. Maybe even bring about other books with different characters.

Enjoy this read with vibes of a female grim reaper and trying to save realms! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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