Quarantined with My Werewolf Ex-Boyfriend Author Maya Lemaire

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5 out of 5 stars!

"A walk through the woods and now a mysterious cabin. Classic horror movie set up." - Kar

Only it isn't a horror movie set up, but I think Kar wishes it had been. . . Pretty sure the feisty human with a giant heart would have been able to make it out! Instead, Kar has just been informed that she has to be under quarantine while a pandemic is plaguing the outside world. Needing to be kept safe until a vaccine is found.

Thank goodness werewolves are immune to the virus! No thank you to the fact that the one to be quarantined with her and keep Kar company is her ex-boyfriend. Will the two be able to come to a truce and at least communicate with one another? Or will Lucas continue treating her as though she has fleas?

"Maybe I'm secretly the one babysitting you." - Kar

This is a short and sweet novella! I really loved how it wasn't the typical cliche setup of two people with history in close proximities instantly jumping one another. I enjoyed how they slowly came back to each other and learned how to communicate again.

Lucas having placed distance between them but why? He never gave her the answers behind the breakup. Kar wants to let go of the past and move forward. Even if that healing process means she may not get her answers and the dynamic between them will never return. Friends not being an option either, but she knows it's time to let it go.

Being Human in a pack of Werewolves has its challenges and being told that she will remain in the cabin for her "safety" is aggravating. There were parallels in this short read to current day events and how being locked inside the house gets old quickly. Especially if you're a social butterfly.

The pacing of this novella was perfect and kept me engaged until the very end! I loved the take on a werewolf's bite and how it affected a human. There was another major arc happening through the story that ended beautifully! I felt like if the author wanted to, she could create a series or a novel with this book being the prequel. But again, everything was tied up with slight openings for you to fill in with your imagination.

The tropes were close proximity, second chances, and misunderstandings. This book did contain language and some violence. There was some slow build and slow burn, but things are fade to black. This novella was focused on connecting with one another and healing along with some closure. I loved this one scene in particular with Lucas in his wolf form and Kar wanting to pet his fur. The playfulness of the scene was utterly beautiful and will give you the fluffy sweet feelings.

This was a very good read and I loved all of it! Enjoy the novella and don't forget to give the author some stars!

Quarantined with my Werewolf Ex-Boyfriend - Kindle edition by Lemaire, Maya. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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