Phoebe's Problem on Yanope: An Alien Experience Author Daisy Shell

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"These planets make you think you need someone strong to protect you, and you don't." - Phoebe

Phoebe's an independent woman whose life was thrown upside down. She had a goals, ambitions and a future that didn't involve coming to an alien planet. Now she's an employee at a fighting arena for said aliens. And to top it all off, Phoebe's boss seems to have a thing for her.

How will Phoebe's new life turn out now? Can she keep her boss and these weird feelings for him at bay? And what was that mention of a dangerous mission involving him?

"Good looking, ripped body, smells good enough to eat off of, and to top it off, rich because of the club." - Phoebe

This description of Samiers had me laughing and hungry for a buffet. . . Though Phoebe isn't fooled by his outward appearance or income status. She sees the playboy for what he is and has chosen to keep her distance from him. Having to navigate through alien territory and a rude, mean girl alien doesn't help things.

Samiers was an interesting character and I loved seeing things from his POV. Several times I was just shaking my head at him. Things work differently for humans than they do for aliens. He's still trying to understand how things differ from one another. Even though he's a playboy he really wants to find his mate.

Both of the main characters will have you rolling your eyes or wishing to just grab them by the shoulders and shake. There's great buildup and slow burn between them along with frustrating moments. The spice scenes were fantastic, and I did love that this wasn't a clear-cut romance.

I feel like this book had the second chance trope along with frenemies to lovers. I liked that the author included some "solo" action. There's MF action but no crazy alien features, which I am fine with either or of "special" equipment. The descriptions of the aliens I loved and how she kept them quick and simple. So as to fill in the rest of their character design with your imagination.

One of my favorite characters would have to be Unzun. He seems like a big sweety, and he has wings! He's a bit of a neat freak and someone who would be in charge. But I loved the brief encounter with him.

Multiple POVs in this book with some cool sci-fi features. The imagery of the world was great, and the pacing was perfect for this read. We also have some lesbian representation in the book, simply mentions of it but still very cool. There's some violence in the story with slight gore, but nothing is detailed out. Language is in the book, but I liked how some of the curse words were not your typical ones.

This is the last book in the series of five and after reading this book I want to go back and read the others! These books are standalones with different couples as the main focus point for each. But some of the characters from the previous books are featured in the next ones. So slight spoilers but nothing to just give away the entire plot of last book.

Enjoy the sci-fi read with aliens and humans plus that slow burn. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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