Phantom Tales of the Night Vol. 5 Author Matsuri

Manga Review

5 out of 5 stars!

Author and I believe Illustrator Matsuri

This manga series goes in order! Please read the other volumes first before you read volume five. Spoilers will be ahead if you have not read the others. This is also a horror manga with utterly stunning artwork. I have included some panels from the book but nothing too scary or disturbing, but fair warning.

"People never look too closely at others. . ." - Owner

Anyone care to go gambling? I know of a really cool gambling den with very high stakes. . . Do not get involved with foxes, no matter how pretty they may appear. Tonight, the Murakumo Inn's experiencing a redecoration of sorts as an insane and intense tale unfolds.

What happens when the holes inside of oneself are filled? When you point your finger at everyone else, choosing to blame everyone instead of facing yourself? Will Owner help his guests tonight?

"Those who cannot live without believing in one thing or another. . .also cannot live without hating something else." - Owner

Sasaki's life has gotten more complicated the longer he remains the way he is. Not knowing which "side" to be on he requires help from Owner. With Sasaki's unique body it was only a matter of time before other entities noticed him. Sasaki soon finds himself understanding the true horrors of the World of Beasts.

As Sasaki navigates his high school life, he and his classmates embark on a field trip. One of the challenges being to climb the mountain. Only this experience will leave Sasaki understanding more than just how to survive in the wild.

This manga series really causes you to think about things and life in general. How humanity views one another as well as how we view ourselves. There was a particular arc that had me fully siding with Owner on, even if it to some it may have seemed harsh. How we blame everyone in sight but refuse to sit in front of a mirror to face ourselves. The scariest thing is facing oneself and taking accountability for things or actions.

In this manga we get to see the fox entity as the trickster and one you don't willingly follow. . . I love all the variations of the fox within the manga/anime/mythological world. But with this series we are taking the darker path and one filled with manipulation. The business the foxes' run is one of gambling but the prizes. . . I don't want to give too much away but what happens may be disturbing to some. Things are implied as to what plays out, but nothing is detailed out or illustrated. 

I loved how we got to see more of the sorcerers past. Rei Saejima's continuing his research and hunting while under the disguise of a teacher's aide. His past involving someone I instantly simped for, I couldn't help it! But can you blame me:

This manga had such an epic twist to it! I just love the thought provoking of this series and an understanding of yourself as you read. Who do you side with as you read this manga? Whose side is the correct one? I cannot wait to continue reading this manga and finding out more of the intricacies of the characters, their backgrounds, and more insight to the world. Not to mention the world within this series where the Owner and other entities reside.

This series is a darker paranormal with horror. Body horrors and some disturbing imagery along with language. There are mentions of suicide and heavier subjects. This manga is not for the faint of heart. I love this series a lot and think it was very well done. I love having manga that causes you to think, not to mention all the artwork in this series! It is beyond beautiful with all the eeriness and gothic style.

I could go on about this particular volume, but I don't want to give the whole story away! Do enjoy the dark read with paranormal aspects and don't forget to give the author some stars!

Phantom Tales of the Night, Vol. 5 (Phantom Tales of the Night, 5): Matsuri: 9781975315474: Books

Matsuri (Author of Phantom Tales of the Night, Vol. 1) | Goodreads マツリ: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

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