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5 out of 5 stars!

"Cecil. That name already makes Jack grit his teeth and he hasn't even met him yet." - Jack

Jack Finch's a skeptic. . .who works on a YouTube channel series specializing in paranormal. . . For him ghosts and paranormal activities are something he can measure and understand with the help of tech. What he cannot understand or believe are psychics. . . Cecil Cooper being one such "medium" who can contact spirits.

With the threat of being cancelled looming over the groups heads they must make some changes and fast! One being adding Cecil onto the team for the tour in hopes of raising viewership. Only Jack's having a hard time trusting Cecil or what he says. Will Jack's skepticism get the best of him? Can he move past the fact Cecil embodies everything he hates? And why's Aunt Mel in love with Cecil and on his side?!

"You two need to learn to get along. Play nice." - Austin

Have you ever started reading a book and within the first couple of pages you just knew it was going to be a five-star read? Knew it was going to become a favorite? That's what this book was for me!

Jack's misunderstood though he doesn't help the misunderstandings. Cecil's a new entity and someone that Jack's past has helped to mold him into disliking. He believes he has everyone's best interests at heart but does he really? It's difficult when your friends start fawning over someone new. He just needs to finally understand that no matter what they will always be his friends and biggest supporters!

As I was reading, and characters were being introduced I about fell out of my chair from surprise! I kept seeing they/them pronouns around a certain character and I realized we have a non-Binary representative! The author did an amazing job writing about them and using the pronouns. And of course, the more I read the more I was in love with this read!

This whole book is chalk full of LGBTQ+ representation and I was here for all of it! The main cast being so supportive with one another and not seeing any of it as being a big deal or weird. There was a scene where a character was assumed to be homophobic (they are NOT homophobic) but things were cleared up. Don't judge a book by its cover! We can't always wear glitter and look like beautiful peacocks.

I absolutely loved the entire cast of "The Ghost Checkers"! Their dynamics with one another and just all the dialogue between them. So much witty banter, comedy, and teasing. I was laughing on several occasions while reading through. Austin's like the dad of the group trying to maintain order in the sea of chaotic energies.

I really liked Adeel, just a sweet, innocent, Cinnamon Roll! Lydia's the princess of the group but not so high up in her tower that she's snooty. Loved her little scheme she came up with to help out with other things taking place. The description of Ferris and their clothing with all the chains was hilarious. Ferris helps to balance things out and like the older sibling of the group.

I liked getting to see Jack's growth from the start of the book until the end. It was an amazing journey to be viewing as he slowly came to terms and realization with things. I also liked how he enjoyed romance novels even if they were sappy ones. He grew on me so much during this read! Not saying I wasn't already attached to him.

This may be a spoiler but there's a stalker in this book. Simply creepy vibes and overstepping boundaries, nothing violent. The author has written a lighthearted read and kept to that even with the stalker. But we need all the drama, I mean that's how a great book and character growth/development comes about!

Language is present in the book along with healing from past trauma. Realizing things and being able to move forward to a better future. Grief and loss are present in the book from losing a close family member. There's the enemies to lovers trope, the close proximity, the coworkers to lovers trope, whichever one you would like to describe the dynamic. MM action is in the book, but since the read is a clean romance, the intimacy is limited to only handholding, kissing, and hugging.

I loved the ending, but I feel like if the author wanted to, she could write another book. I just loved this read so much and all the characters present in the story! I didn't want to end the book and see my friends go!

You will get secondhand embarrassment with some of the scenes in this book. Not to mention warm fuzzy feelings from the biggest supporter of all, Aunt Mel! By the way, this book would be great to read for Halloween as you relax and wind down from all the fun activities and spooky/scary movies. Eating hordes of candy, laughing, and snuggling under a big blanket.

Do enjoy this amazing read with a skeptical ghost hunter and a psychic with a heart of gold. Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Jack Finch Believes in Ghosts - Kindle edition by Bryan, Connor. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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