Could Have Been Romantic (Could Have Been Sweet Book 3) Author Camilla Evergreen

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5 out of 5 stars!

"Bianca Jane Taylor is asexual and aromantic." - Drew

Drew's life has not been an easy one navigating through. Being a handsomely, black, autistic male has presented more challenges than anything. Luckily, he has a list for that. Lists help to make everything right and help him to understand the world and the people in it.

Only one person in particular requires so many lists he could start a book series! Bianca Jane Taylor is everything to Drew, but he cannot tell her the truth. Not wanting to make her uncomfortable or remember past traumas. So, he will keep things hidden best he can. . .in a small car. . .with his small boss. . .alone together. This trip to Florida is going to be more trying than just simply being surrounded by new things!

"Drew Aston Rowe is the best assistant in the whole wide world." - Bianca

This book. . .this book right here. . .had me crying so many tears! Whether they were happy tears, realization tears, or sad tears. Camilla out did herself with this masterpiece! By NO means does this imply the other books in the series are not phenomenal. The other books are so good and with their own aesthetics. This series can be read as standalones since each book is about a different couple. There are just hints of previous characters sprinkled within.

"I know what's wrong with me, but that doesn't automatically fix things all the time. I still get tangled up in meaningless stuff. I wish these parts were things I could just grow out of, but I can't." - Drew

This is not your typical romcom novel! Drew's learning to navigate through his adult life coming to terms and fully realizing his autism. Being Neurodivergent and easily becoming sensory overloaded. He has had a rough start in life, but Bianca breathed a new breath into him. With her he can face the world and the quips ignorant people make. 

I absolutely loved Drew! Respectfully and with permission I would give him a big hug! I could relate to many of his struggles, I am not fully on the spectrum, but I am on it. I completely get working retail and being overwhelmed and stressed out. Something I really loved about Drew and picked up on instantly, sorry if it is a spoiler, I just get so giggly about it. Yes, my Non-Binary self gets giggly about things! Drew can see colors in sounds!

I was grinning from ear to ear reading it and then the characters flat out stating it later. I also loved how Camilla described the colors Drew saw and what they interpreted as to him! Drew is everything! I just want to continue going on about him, but I do not want to spoil anything or first time experiencing his character!

Bianca. . .her and I could go on for HOURS about family and wanting to "unfamily" several people. There were several people and one in particular who just kept projecting onto Bianca. A family reunion is not what it's cracked up to be. (Just from reading the book and my personal experiences, not stating all families are this way by any means!) 

It's difficult when you are the target for someone's insecurities and unhealed wounds. Voicing things that they should honestly be doing standing in front of a mirror. We don't need a spouse in our lives to feel whole or happy. Children may be an immense blessing for some but others it is not. It is a terrifying reality that just isn't for them. You may be feeling miserable and lonely, but it does not mean someone else who is "alone" feels the same.

Bianca has had to deal with a lot growing up and into adulthood. Being Aro/Ace has taken a minute to come to terms with. And the knowledge that she will never see romance and sex as an appealing thing. But Bianca moves forward with her life and shows love to those who truly deserve it! I loved that Bianca enjoys romance novels with some spice and how she views them from an Ace perspective!

Again, this book is not your typical romance novel, so it's difficult to really state tropes. Camilla writes very clean romances with no language or spice scenes. This one had so much romance in it, and I was in love with ALL of it. Romance doesn't just mean hoping into the sheets and that's it. No! It includes so much more, and Camilla nailed ALL of it. 

With this read the author did include trigger warnings for the book. Dealing with heavier subjects and backgrounds. Camilla did an excellent job relaying it and writing it out! Even mentioned some of the things the characters experienced were things she dealt with personally. I am going to need this book in physical form as soon as I can! Love this couple so much and I could keep going on about this book. I cannot wait for the next couple Camilla has written about!

"It takes a lot more effort to plan a three-week trip than it does to show up with a giant bundle of generic flowers." - Drew

Enjoy this book with all the non-typical romance, multiple POVs, and the pulling of heart strings! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

Book 1: "Could Have Been Us"

Book 2: "Could Have Been Closer"

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