The Vessel Games Book 1 Author E. J. Eden

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

 "Thank you, dear reader, for coming on this ride. Now, buckle the hell up." - Dedication for this book!

"You are not your brother."

Princess Chloe's had enough with the barbaric Vessel Games! Trying to put a stop to it is proving challenging as she cannot make head way. The Games are brutal and many young men loose their lives in hopes of claiming a Vessel wife. But according to many this is a "fair" way of life. A way for young men to obtain one of the very few women able to bare children.

Chloe's got plans for years to come but will any of them actually work? She's thrown into a mystery to solve within her original goal of shutting the Games down. How will the princess fair as she fights for every inch of power and control she barely has a hold on? Will she be able to end the Vessel Games? Will her grand plans work or only place others in greater danger?

There was "The Hunger Games" vibes all throughout this book! This is a dystopian novel set in the far future under the tight reigns of the Church and Monarchy. Having had a Great War a lot has changed within the world and environment! Women are seen as blessings within this period because they can provide life. But other than that. . . "seen but not heard". Women are controlled heavily by all the men in their lives, being seen as "weak" and "feeble" minded creatures. They need protecting and a man to make the rational decisions. . .

"This was a godless place." - Chloe

This book had me glued to it until the very end! The world that E. J. brought to life was just phenomenal! Now when you read it, you need to put aside today's modern thinking. I loved the intensity of everything and how it all tied together. This book has multiple POVs and there are a couple of arcs going on at once! It's not just about Chloe, even though she's a main piece to the story and plot. There are several other characters on their own quests.

The Games are brutal, think Rome and the glorious Colosseum! Men who are fighting to claim a woman who can bare children will stop at nothing. Especially when women who are able to bare are few and far between. I really enjoyed one character's viewpoint on the slaughter of the contestants and how everyone was okay with it. Pretending as though no blood has ever touched their hands and that everything is normal after the Games have ended.

"Damn, you're always looking for escape routes, aren't you?" - Karina

I really loved all of the cast! Including Caleb, whom I personally was drawn to a lot. There was a human aspect the author placed into the characters that you don't think about unless you were to live within this crazy world. Will was another fantastic character along with so many more! Octavia being one I instantly knew I would like.

This book is grittier and a darker read. A cool map at the beginning of the book helps to place the setting. Women are not on equal terms of any kind, only seen as life creators and caregivers. Violence, gore, and mean-girl-bullying as well as language. There was a scene with attempted SA but nothing happened. One, quick scene with a gynecologist that wasn't the most comforting during an exam. Mention of Domestic Issues.

This is a book for NA readers, none of the warnings above are to detour you away! Just simply a heads up. The author does a fantastic job and doesn't draw out things or go into fine details. This may be a spoiler but I was excited to see a representation of FF love. There is some spicy scenes with both FF and MF, along with a slow burn and buildup with all the fun tension. 

I enjoyed watching all the characters and how they overcame things. Seeing all of Chloe's crazy plans! I really loved this book and it is definitely one I am wanting to get a physical copy of! You will feel so many emotions as you are reading it and the cliffhanger will only have you wanting more. I loved watching all the puzzle pieces click into place, but we only just got the border of the puzzle done!

Enjoy the read with mystery, puzzles to solve, and wives to win! Am I allowed to say it? "May the odds ever be in your favor" and don't forget to give the author some stars!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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