The Diseased (Paige Hanson Book 1) Author S. M. Thomas

Book Review

4.8 out of 5 stars!

"Where is your husband?"

Waking up in the hospital is never fun, but when you hear that question asked. . .it's even worse. Paige has no idea what happened the night of the accident or where her husband is. The only thing she knows is that her son survived and is safe next to her. Yet everyone seems extremely adamant on having Paige regain the memories of the events leading up to her husband missing and her in the hospital.

Paige's having to deal with some intense grief while being hounded. What is so special about her husband? Why does everyone need for her to remember? She's trying while also balancing caring for her son and getting a "normalcy" back. Can she trust anyone that's around her? And why's there an agent present?

Soooo. . .this book had a great surprise! I don't know if this will be a spoiler or an incentive to read the book. . . The setting is on Earth Two, with our Earth (Earth One) something happened causing it to no longer be a livable place. New technology and way of life are presented in the book. It's rather interesting and scary because of how the government is running things. . .

Paige has a very sharp mind and memory so the fact she's only getting little slivers of the night of the accident is driving her up the wall. I loved the mystery and suspense aspect of the novel. Paige never seeming to catch a break and it being really odd how everyone is so focused on her husband. I get trying to find a missing person but in this story it seems a little over the top. You will constantly be asking yourself why?

I enjoyed Paige and watching how she handles things. She has a past she wishes to leave behind and never bring up. Not even wanting to mention her real last name fearing that everyone will see the truth. Knowing her secrets and where she truly came from. No one is as they seem and Paige makes sure to be underestimated.

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat! I had several theories about things as I was reading and taking little notes. You may also get frustrated at several points because the author does a fantastic job giving bits of information and connecting puzzle pieces. Getting interrupted at perfect times as Paige is having a flashback! You just want to yell at the surrounding cast to be quiet.

So with this new Earth, a new government structure has been put in place. . . As I read more about the lovely government the more I came to hate it. Which, I love when authors create characters, settings, places, or authoritative powers you get strong feelings from. And this government. . .certain things are frowned on, resulting in prejudices and phobias.

The author handles everything perfectly and I loved the ending! Though there's a cliffhanger and I am very much ready to read the next book! This book does contain language, some violence, gore, and a public execution by hanging. It is a little detailed but not to a crazy extent. There's also heavy emotions and feelings of grieving and having to understand that someone's no longer there.

I loved this book and knew I would be getting a physical copy of it someday! I cannot wait for the next book and even more suspense. I need to know what happened with blah, blah, blah things, not to mention seeing if my theories were correct!

Enjoy the book that will have you constantly asking why and what. Don't forget to give the author some stars!


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