Sunshine and Suspicion (A Lana Honeywell Mystery Novella Book 0.5) Author Megan Mayfair

Book Review

Releasing September 24, 2022 (tomorrow)!

5 out of 5 stars!

"Her twelve months of zen, and no men." - Lana

Lana Honeywell needed a vacation from life! Moving away from the crazy lights of Sydney and the never ending hustle and bustle. Not to mention having to cover scandals and defuse situations even if they are of her own life! She needs a break and a way to recharge and re-evaluate things. Not to mention distance from an ex. . .

Lana finds exactly what she needs in a small town named Cherry Grove. Only things are not as quiet and serene as she had hoped for. . . A grumpy neighbor makes it difficult from the moment she set foot on her property. Things are about to unravel for this seemingly "peaceful" town. Lana may just get placed in the middle of it all when a body is discovered!

"She wasn't here to chase gorgeous men through parks." - Lana

Lana's such a great character! I cannot wait to read the next book with her in it. This book was a fantastic prequel and introduction for Lana Honeywell! I already love Cherry Grove and the banter amongst the town folks. Not to mention the ones who know everything about everyone and are not shy of sharing! Feels like your typical small town and all the fun little quirks that come along with it. Makes me a little homesick for my hometown.

Lana's trying to heal from things and figure out her life. We all need breaks from time to time to just connect with ourselves and get away from the chaos of life! I for one would gladly take a year off and move to a small town. Next to a lake and a beautiful forest with mountains! I really loved that Lana named her house.

I knew I was going to like Lana the moment I read about her. She wasn't a publicist for nothing! She's not intimidated easily and is willing to speak her mind. She also knows how to "people" well. I don't think she would have ever considered being a part time sleuth.

I also really loved and enjoyed Wyatt's character! I laughed out loud with the scene were he's talking about the "welcoming" committee and how they welcome new comers to town. The sarcasm and banter he brought to the table was perfect!

This book is a murder mystery so there's death, but it is a cozy mystery! There weren't any real triggers at all in the book and I didn't catch any language. Megan usually keeps her cozy mysteries cozy and clean. This was an excellent book to read and relax with. The pacing was quick and you will get to the end of the book before you even realize it!

I am off to read the next book in the series! "Fall and Foul Play", it will be releasing tomorrow as well! Enjoy the cozy read with mystery and Mrs. Marple references! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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