Fall and Foul Play (The Lana Honeywell Mysteries Book 1) Author Megan Mayfair

Book Review

Release day is today! September 24, 2022

5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost! Go read "Sunshine and Suspicion" first. It helps to set the stage and introduce Lana, the town, and the location. It's a shorter read than this book and just helps to increase the reading experience of Lana Honeywell and Cherry Grove. This review may also contain spoilers if you haven't read the prequel book.

"What was she doing? Running around a field, chasing a ball, hockey stick in hand on a Sunday?" - Lana

Lana Honeywell's settling into the town of Cherry Grove nicely. After having the little hiccup when she first arrived things are running smoothly. Having joined the field hockey team of Cherry Grove, Lana's hoping to get more acquainted with everyone. Only things take a turn when someone is found murdered!

Having a sense of deja-vu, Lana takes on the task of clearing everyone's name on the team including hers. . .again! Only this time maybe she has someone to lean on. Wyatt's a very gorgeous man and a dedicated park ranger. Wasn't she supposed to have sworn off men for a year?

"You're a magnet for drama." - Senior Constable Fish

This book was very good! I thought I had figured things out within the first chapter. . . I was NOT disappointed with the twists and the ending. Megan did such a fantastic job having you believe one thing but then proving that theory was wrong. I love mysteries and so I caught on to things toward the middle. Maybe you will figure it out faster or not until it happens, read the book!

I enjoyed getting to see more of the residents of Cherry Grove within this book. Understanding the different characters and dynamics of the town. I loved the analogy Wyatt used to describe the small, "peaceful" town. It was a very good analogy and made a lot of sense. Being from a small town I was instantly like yup! That's how I would describe my hometown.

Again, read the short prequel book. I loved that Megan included little recaps of characters and the first book of the series. Tying things in at the right time and not feeling overwhelmed by recaps. Helping to remember the first story and the beginning of Lana's time in Cherry Grove.

So. . .there's a slow-build, cutesy romance brewing! It began in the first book, because it seems like when you swear off dating anyone. . .you end up finding someone. Usually it is the one but we will see with Lana's story. The romance buds a little more in this book and I loved all the quirky little moments! Wyatt's just a big cinnamon roll and Lana wants to make sure she's reading things correctly.

Megan usually writes clean, cozy reads so I don't think there will be any warnings regarding the relationship aspect of things. There was a panic attack that a character went through, this is a murder mystery so death, and someone dealing with a stalker. But again, Megan keeps things very lighthearted and cozy. Things are mentioned but with brief descriptions or simply hints.

This is a very relaxing read! I want to continue this series when the next book comes out! I need more of Lana and the author provided a future arc for a mystery! There is a cliffhanger involving Lana's character but the main mystery arc of the story was completed. I cannot wait for the next read!

Enjoy the cozy mystery and give the author some stars!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.






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