Banshee and You: A Guide to Dating for the Recently Deceased Author Cam Alabastor

Book Review

3.8 out of 5 stars!

"As I was trying to fit in, I couldn't help feeling like I was the only one standing out." - Shufen

Shufen has had to make a decision she didn't really want to make. . . Leaving her father's house next to the beautiful sea she's settling for a home with her mom. . . A place in a small town centered around weird activities. UFO's and paranormal happenings.

Shufen has a rational mind that focuses on Science and things being explained by Science. But when an odd trio of teenagers catch her eye at her new High School things change. Being drawn to one of the three in particular Shufen may just have to come to terms that Science cannot explain everything in life. . .

"I closed my eyes and messaged my brain as I ignored her conspiracy theory brain." - Shufen

I liked Shufen and how her mind worked. She wasn't afraid to speak up about situations, aside from the usual teenager thing. Wanting to blend in and not draw attention. Only I don't think she has to worry too much with the trio nicknamed the "Adams Family reenactment".

This is a very quick read, being less than one hundred pages. I liked all the spooky mystery and the relationships. I loved Shufen's mom and how their relationship grew once they were back together. Also really loved Eamon's vibe and would love to see more of him.

There's some language in the book and a tragic moment. This book does have representation of Lesbians and a relationship. The main characters are high school teenagers so YA romance. Hand holding and kissing but nothing more.

What got me was the pacing. Honest opinion, I felt like the pacing was a little off in some areas. This book could honestly be the prequel to a full length novel for the main characters. I felt like it ended too soon and I wanted to keep reading more! I enjoyed the aspects of the book and the cast. Not to mention the eeriness of everything and the twists!

Enjoy the spooky, little, short read and give the author some stars!


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