To Wake a Kingdom (Curse of Thorne Book 1) Author Nisha J. Tuli

ARC Review

Set to Release August 23, 2022!

3.8 out of 5 stars!

"How long had I been asleep?" - Thorne

Once upon a time, a princess was placed under a curse of endless slumber. For her to wake from her dream like sleep she needed to be kissed by her true love. That's how the stories supposed to go right? Well, not this fairytale! Princess Thorne's awake, but after how long? And why is there a blade pressing into her instead of someone's lips?

A spell gone wrong, a kingdom that's being threatened, and to top it all off? Unwelcome guests that could "potentially" help or they could make matters worse. . . Thorne's at a loss as to what to do but her clock is ticking down. Will she be able to break the spell turned curse? Can she trust her new "guests"? And why are these feelings for one of the guests coming up? It takes a lot of focus to break a curse, distractions are not needed!

I loved the fusions of fairytales in this story! The story isn't a direct retelling by any means, the author made it her own. With an amazing cast of characters and witty banter! This fairytale is more for adults with some heavier themes. There's language, some violence, and a little more. This was an amazing read!

I loved Princess Thorne! I enjoyed watching her break free of the gilded cage. Not allowing her situation or the time limit of it to just completely crush her. Though, she has every right to crumble under her current predicament. Yet, it's very hard to be depressed when Ronan and his crew show up!

"Forgive me, my lady. It's not every day you see someone fighting a tree." - Ronan

The banter between the two was amazing! I laughed at how Ronan and Thorne could keep up with one another. Loved his nickname for her, I don't want to spoil anything. They were great together, even if Thorne was trying to deny things, plus miscommunication. So unlike the fluffy fairytales there's a bit of a slow burn. There's a lot of attraction but we like to have some drama in our reads!

Also, Gideon! They say the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But did you know the fastest way for a high-ranking manservant to marry a princess is making delicious food? I enjoyed Gideon so much and completely agree with Thorne. I would marry Gideon simply because he's an amazing cook.

I just want to honestly gush about all the characters! The book does have MF action, but we have to wait a bit. There's a bit of an age gap trope along with close proximity. Multiple POVs and diversity in the group. I loved the author's world building and how there are different kinds of Fae.

One other character that I loved was Maida. He's a Fae and well. . .I will be calling my therapist after I post this review. But he was a character I loved, I hope to see more of him around! Read the book to understand more about him.

For me, this is a personal opinion. I felt like the pacing was a little odd toward the end of the book. I still loved the story and enjoyed the read! The characters had me feeling emotions, the writing style was amazing, and I loved the dialogue! I would recommend this book for sure and I hope to read the next book in the series.

This book does have a happy ending and things are tied up nicely. So I'm curious what the author has up her sleeves with book two.

Enjoy this read with a strong princess and a spell turned curse. Make sure to give the author some stars!


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