The Blood Below Issue 2 Author Morgan Quaid


4 out of 5 stars!


Author Morgan Quaid

Artist Willi Roberts

First and foremost, read Issue One or this review will not make any sense. This is a comic book series that is supposed to be read in chronological order. So if you continue reading this without reading issue one there will be spoilers!

The Blood Below Issue 1

I also wrote a review for Issue One before I started my blog so if you would like to read it I will post links down below. Now onto Issue Two of The Blood Below.

"Feels like my brain is trying to eat itself." - Detective Holden

We pick up right where we left off from issue one! Holden has just put the contact lens in his eye. Not knowing what would happen when he does such a thing. Headaches and seeing images are the least of his concerns. 

Continuing on the trail of the double homicide Holden and Grey begin finding things that only lead to more questions. Proving that there's possibly something deeper going on within the city. What will they uncover as they continue their journey down the rabbit hole? And will someone get Holden some pain medication for the headaches!

This is a very fast paced read! I mean it's a comic so it needs to be quick. I love the world Morgan is bringing to life. If you have read some of his other works pertaining to Rust City you may either find spoilers or not care if you do. For me, I do not care! I am a visual person and learner so I am very excited to see actual images of things.

It's like when your favorite book gets turned into a graphic novel or series of graphic novels! Because sometimes with movies and shows they only take a small scratch of the surface. While comics and graphic novels take it all!

We get teases in this book about Rust City, and I apologize if this is a spoiler. I am just so excited seeing it! After having read about Rust City and seeing some other characters from within this universe. Holden has no idea what he is in for! That's all I'm going to say. . .

The artist did a fantastic job bringing forth the characters and the grittiness of Holden's world. I like the art style along with the action scenes and different perspective shots of characters. This is a violent series with some graphic scenes thus far along with language. This is a gritty world with dark themed elements, I mean we are following a detective around.

I am off to read the next issue! Do enjoy the read and give the author some stars!

My review of issue one:


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