Sinners Condemned (Sinners Anonymous #2) Author Somme Sketcher

ARC Review

5 out of 5 stars!

"Luck isn't for the optimistic; it's for the lazy and the desperate." -Raphael

Raphael, Rafe, has always been a clear-cut man. Not believing in luck regardless of his trade of being an owner of a Casino. But when a red head enters one of his bars and wins a game to gain his watch. Rafe, will soon realize that luck is a thing and he is very unlucky person!

Rafe knew he should have stayed as far away from the feisty woman as possible. Yet he keeps finding her everywhere he looks. 

"What's that saying, again? Something about if you think of the devil, it'll appear?" - Raphael

Penny wants nothing to do with Rafe, since she realized her mistake of walking into his bar. A mistake she should have never made since she knows better. Penny's luck is very much tested from the moment she acknowledges her misstep forward. Will she be able to escape the spider web? Can she have a normal life, go straight as they say? Will Rafe ever be "lucky" again? And how can she see through his act?

This book is a duet!

So expect a cliffhanger. . . The author literally shoves you off the cliff. I need the next book to know how the story ends for the cast! I unfortunately didn't read the first book, Sinners Anonymous , this book makes me want to read the first one. I enjoyed this read and understood everything just fine. But like the author mentions in the synopsis for this book it would be best to read book one. You will get to see some of the cast from book one along with all the Easter eggs.

This is a dark, mafia romance! Both have broken pasts and their futures may be broken as well. I loved seeing the two leads interact with each other. Especially Rafe and his whole thing about luck doesn't exist. Only to get his rear handed to him by Penny, proving that she's lucky.

You cannot run from your sins in hopes they will just go away. And you cannot push them onto someone else so they can shoulder the burden. Things have a way of coming back around. Both sides know they shouldn't be near the other, but there's this intense pull. Regardless of an age gap. This book. . .this book will give you a case of the blue balls. . . It is a very slow burn yet there are teases of MF action. Neither side is wanting to "lose" at the game they've created.

"Women don't fall in love, Matt. They fall into traps. They are lured in by sweet lies and smooth promises." -Penny

I loved the action in this book as well as all the cast. It was a very fun and intense read. Was rather frustrated with the slow burn and this build up the author has created. All in a good way because it's well done. I enjoyed the mafia side of things so expect violence. There's language of course and some traumatic backstories. 

Enjoy the action-packed, dark romance and give the author some stars!

Second part of the duet!


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