Fire of the Fox (The Broken Fae Trilogy, Book 1) Author Sylver Michaela

ARC Review

5 out of 5 stars!

Bria is ready to begin her life of independence! Being in her college dorm with her best friend and roomie. Bria wants to be a full time painter, but money is needed to live in this world. . . But when an opportunity presents itself to Bria she can't turn it down. The money being the issue stopping her from saying yes.

Until she bumps into a cinnamon roll, code word for her type. Only things don't go the way she wants them to with this man who's her dream boat.

"If he was a cinnamon roll, he'd be one I let burn in the oven until it turned black, crispy ash." - Bria

But when "cinnamon roll" offers her a deal that would completely cover the opportunity of a life time, can she pass it up? Bria has no idea that this deal she is about to make is going to flip her world on its head. There may even be some things that don't seem possible, but seeing is believing.

I loved this read! It was a very enthralling adventure with great characters. Rune may be a cinnamon roll but he is a rather grumpy one. I liked his character even though there were several times I just wanted to shake him.

This is going to be a slow burn romance, be warned. It isn't a clear cut romance which I am fine with. I enjoy twists with books and characters. The trope is themed around fake relationship and I feel a bit of enemies to lovers. 

Bria's an amazing character and I enjoyed watching her arc and how she progressed through the book. She's a strong, beautiful souled woman. I liked how she didn't back down from things including Rune and his hotheadedness.

Dallas was a great best friend for Bria and I loved their dynamic! Sylver did an awesome job bringing the characters to life. Though I hope in the next two books we get to see deeper glimpses into the guys. Loved all of Rune's roommates and the author portrayed an array of the LGBTQ+ community beautifully! It didn't feel forced or like she was checking any boxes.

There's some language within the book as well as violence. Talk of war along with aftermath and the "spoils" of war. . . The author doesn't go into long drawn out detail about things! Just gives enough information so you know what happened and can feel those emotions. There's some MF action, but only teases. Again this is going to be a slow burn romance.

I enjoyed the twists within this book even if I was able to figure them out before the cast did. I enjoy being right in my guess, don't we all? But also loved and felt the reaction when character's put two and two together! I also really loved this ironic scene in the book, it had to deal with cinnamon rolls. That's all I'm going to say because I don't want to take away the moment of reading it for the first time.

This is a trilogy so expect the cliffhanger! I am so ready for the next book and I hope to read it when it comes out! This book kept me in it until the very final chapters when I was realizing that this is going to be a rough cut. You will be wanting the next book!

Enjoy the read with fantasy elements and give the author some stars!


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