Fangs of the Black Tiger : Tales of the Swordsmen Vol. 2 Author JF Lee

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars!

First and foremost, if you haven't read Volume One first go and read it! The volumes go in order and end on cliffhangers. The next book picks up right where the first one ended, so there will be some spoilers in this review if you haven't read "Sword of Sorrow, Blade of Joy".

"A swordsmen, a magistrate, and a merchant?" Jingyi chuckled. "We sound like a bunch of heroes in a tavern story."

Shu Yan's been taken and the swordsmen's trying to stay hot on the trail leading to her. But nothing is easy and Li Ming finds himself needing help. Maybe journeying alone isn't always the best. Having company makes traveling better, sometimes very entertaining. Even if the company can be annoying at times. Will Li Ming ever admit that he actually likes the girl? Will he be able to find and rescue her?

"You're scared of your own fire." - Zhen

Shu Yan's having to face her own array of problems. Having followed Feng Zemin and Jia Bo she soon realizes that maybe she should have remained alone. Yet something about this new environment and life call to her. People are actually treating her like an equal. Even offering to train her! But there's just something in her gut telling her not to fully trust her new companions. And where's that swordsmen?

So I didn't realize the volumes could get any better. . .but it did! I absolutely love this series and I am wanting to dive into Tao Jun's book! After I get done reading Volume Three of the Swordsmen. But this book. . .this book had a little bit of a faster pace. Many things were happening that kept me engaged. Still several little mini arcs that I enjoyed along with the main one.

In this book, I am sorry if this is a spoiler I was just so excited, we get to see several epic fight scenes. Those Kung Fu movies where masters face off? We get a couple of those scenes in this book! The fight scenes are better than volume one and just, oh I loved them so much. I grew up with epic Kung Fu movies and the borderline-supernatural-powered martial artist. So I was beaming when I read the scenes.

JF Lee, brings some of the characters back from volume one. I liked that he also gave a couple short, refresher paragraphs about said characters. Or even some within the same book that may have been introduced briefly in this volume but not in depth until they resurface again. I also enjoyed the author's footnotes and the glossary in the back of the book.

Again I am sorry but one of my favorite characters was brought back and we get to see more of his personality! He very much reminds me of those Manga and Anime characters that always have their eyes closed until they don't. And you know that when they have their eyes open. . .you better run and not look back!

"Flips are always necessary!" Jin Lang called back. "Have to impress the ladies!"

"What ladies?! We're the only ones up here!" Li Ming growled back.

I would not be mad at all if JF Lee wrote a book featuring Jin Lang. I would devour that book in a heartbeat. I love the chaotic characters with a good sense of humor and who seem to find everything one big game. Until they get serious and then just run, or hide somewhere and enjoy the show.

This book went into depth with more of the characters and you got to see more of their individual personalities. Not to mention all the new cast members the author introduces. I am very excited to read Volume Three since again it is rumored to be the best one! These volumes do end on cliffhangers! There's of course violence, language both in English and Chinese, and some darker elements.

This is such a great series with all the drama, action scenes, twists, plots, great characters, witty banter, and so much more! Do enjoy the read and give the author some stars!


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